8 Pointers on Caring for the Skin around Your Eyes ...

By Lisa

8 Pointers on Caring for the Skin around Your Eyes ...

If you’ve ever wondered how to care for skin around eyes, you’re headed in the right direction for happier and healthier-looking skin! The skin around our eye area is much different from the rest of our face. And if you aren’t too familiar with the specifics about skin in the periocular region, I’ve got some great info for you! Read more about how to properly care for the skin around your eyes and look your best!

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Get Acquainted

If you want to know how to care for skin around eyes, you’ve gotta get to know the composition of the skin in that area. The skin around your eyes is not only the thinnest skin on your face, but it’s also the most sensitive and driest. It’s the first place that shows signs of aging and irritation from using the wrong products so be very cautious in caring for the skin around your eyes.



When you’re caring for the skin under your eyes, make sure you are gentle. We’re often reminded to use our ring fingers when applying eye cream to be gentle and the same logic applies to cleansing. If you’re using an eye makeup remover, don’t tug or rub back and forth. Apply the eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and lightly set it on the eyelid .Do this so that it has a chance to work its way through the products and then gently swipe off.



The next step in eye skin care is to moisturize. Even though it might seem like a good idea to use your facial moisturizer on your eye area, it really isn’t. Your eye area has a totally different makeup than the rest of your face making a separate and dedicated moisturizer for the area necessary. The skin around your eyes has no oil glands so moisturizing it with a high-quality eye cream is crucial. Look for eye creams that are not only hydrating but also address other eye skin care concerns you might have like lines or dark circles.



How to care for skin around eyes also involves applying and taking in the right supplements. Vitamins like A, B-complex, C, D, E and beta caretone are all important to keeping the skin around eyes looking youthful and smooth. Look for eye creams that contain these essential vitamins, pop a multi-vitamin to supplement your healthy meals and strive to always eat a balanced diet!



Sleep is important for facial skin care but is even more significant for eye skin care. Insufficient sleep can cause bloodshot eyes, dark circles, under eye bags and make us look worn-out. The eye area is the first to tattle on us for not getting enough sleep, being too rough on our skin and not properly caring for our eye skin area. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night to not only look vivacious and full of life but to feel good too!

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Another tip on how to care for skin around eyes is to stay hydrated. As you may have heard, water plays a major role in how our skin looks and feels. Hydrated skin looks supple and smooth whereas dehydrated skin can look dried out, scaly and look aged. Also, avoid salty foods, caffeinated beverages and alcohol to avoid accidental dehydration of the skin!


Glossy Eyes

Caring for the skin under eyes also includes the eyelid area. If you have oily eyelids it can make wearing eye makeup a pain and a buildup of debris and oils can cause irritated eyeballs. If you have oily eyelids despite using primer, consider using the combo of witch hazel and Milk of Magnesia. Apply a small amount of witch hazel on a cotton ball, apply it your lids and let it dry, making sure your eyelids remain closed the entire time. Then, do the same with Milk of Magnesia, again making sure your eyes remain closed. This combo should rid your eyelid of oils create a nice clean canvas to apply makeup. If you’re not too keen on using that method, try an eyelid wash from the drugstore. Remember to keep eyes closed and be very careful when cleaning your eyelids!


Take It Easy

This last tip in caring for the skin under eyes is another reminder to be gentle. I know you hear it all the time but it’s imperative to treat your eye skin area with tender loving care! Avoid rubbing your eyes, always gently pat the area to apply creams or when drying your face and stay out of the sun. Smoking is also a sure way to age and damage the delicate area. Treat your eye area well and you’ll enjoy youthful and healthy looking skin for many years to come!

I hope you learned something useful in how to care for skin around eyes. The steps in caring for your eye skin area isn’t too different from the rest of your face but it does require begin extra kind and gentle. How do you like to care for the skin around your eyes, do you do anything special? What’s your favorite eye cream?

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I'm 14 and I use Aloe Vera & vitamin e oil as my eye cream/lash serum every night after cleansing and moisturizing