8 Skin Sins You Can't Stop Committing ...


8 Skin Sins You Can't Stop Committing ...
8 Skin Sins You Can't Stop Committing ...

Do you think you’re a perfect angel when it comes to skin care or have you committed one of the common skin care mistakes that constitute a skin sin? We all make mistakes with our skin care sometimes and it’s understandable. But in order for us to maintain our beautiful skin and live a life free of skin sins, you’ll have to keep reading and see if you’re innocent or guilty of committing these common skin sins!

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The number one skin care mistake is smoking cigarettes. It doesn’t matter if you smoke regularly or just socially smoke when you’re out for drinks, it’s still bad. Think about all the ingredients in a cigarette and you’re not only inhaling it into your lungs, you’re also surrounded by the fumes! When you smoke you’re depriving your skin of oxygen, which can lead to pre-mature aging and there is nothing hot about that! If you’re a non-smoker who is around second hand smoke, it also affects your skin so I’d advise you to keep your distance!



No matter how much we know about the dangers of tanning, some people just can’t stop committing this skin sin. Tanning in a bed or out in the sun will both put you on the fast track to fine lines and wrinkles plus you’re putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. The truth is, tan skin equals damaged skin and you aren’t getting any benefits from being tan! The sad thing is that tanning has become so prevalent that there is now DSM-IV criteria to diagnose those who are addicted to tanning!


Dirty Talk

Another one of the top skin care mistakes that we all make is using a dirty cell phone on a daily basis. Think about all the things you touch during the day which gets transferred on to your phone while you text or surf the net. And what about all the sweat, makeup and oil on our faces that we transfer onto our phones which we then place on our skin?! Clean your phones daily or at least every few days to prevent spreading cooties and bacteria and keep your skin clean and happy!



I think this is one of the skin sins that is right up there with smoking because lack of sleep is horrible for your skin! Sleep is the time your body recharges and if your body is making itself stay up, your muscle tone relaxes making your skin look saggy, your blood pressure decreases and you’re susceptible to inflammation and sallowness. Don’t abide by the “you can sleep when you’re dead” rule, your body and skin needs you to rest now!


Sedentary Life

Did you ever think a lack of exercise could affect your skin and end up being a skin care mistake? If you guessed yes, you get a gold star! Skipping workouts can lead to much more than just a bigger waistline, it can lead to saggy skin. Well-toned muscles keep the skin taut and looking firm and youthful, whereas those who lead sedentary lifestyles tend to have less muscle tone and their skin looks wrinkly or loose.


Windy City

With fall under way and winter right behind that, you’re going to want to avoid the skin care mistake of exposing your skin to the cold. Wind can zap your skin of its moisture, cause irritation, damage and age skin. Avoid windburn by bundling up and covering up, and by applying sunscreen and lip balm with SPF to shield yourself from wind and sun burn.


Stress Case

I know what you’re thinking; no one chooses to be stressed out so this is a skin care slip-up that can’t really be avoided, right? Yes and no, stress can be inevitable at times, but it’s up to you to help yourself combat the effects of stress with meditation or helpful exercises that can keep you calm. Similar to lack of sleep, stress can affect so many different areas of your mind and body so it’s crucial that we monitor and get our stress levels under control!


Unhappy Hour

Were you just wondering if you could fight the #7 skin sin with a little drink? Having a drink is obviously okay in moderation but imbibing in a little too much alcohol has negative effects on your skin as well. Alcohol can exacerbate skin diseases, enlarges blood vessels so that you have permanent redness and you can expect to see some blemishes. These are all possibilities when you take happy hour to happy day and week, but if you enjoy a nice drink now and then, it’s perfectly fine!

Did you spot any skin care mistakes on this list that you commit regularly? We all have our slip-ups and bad days but what really counts is how we treat our skin the rest of the time. Be consistent in your skin care routine, take good care of it and you won’t have to worry about any of these skin concerns for years! What skin skin have you committed?

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