9 All-Natural Ways to Protect the Skin around Your Eyes ...

By Heather

While there might be a lot of creams for the skin around your eyes, did you know that there are natural ways to protect skin around eyes? Well girls, I've got the top 9 ways to protect skin around eyes that are all natural and can brighten your face right up! I've got everything from drinking more water all the way to limiting how much salt you take in. All of this is actually a way to protect skin around eyes!

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Vitamin E Oils/Creams

Did you know that vitamin E oils and even cream can actually really help to protect your skin? This way to protect skin around eyes can actually be used all over your face! Just a small amount of the oil or cream can go a very, very long way. Just a little before bed will make sure that you are covered throughout the night! Try it ladies!


Organic, Raw Honey

If you are looking for away to actually reduce the wrinkles around your eyes and kick up the softness, raw honey is a great way to do it! This way to protect skin around eyes is actually a mask. Just leave the honey under your eyes for about 10 – 15 minutes, 3 times a week and wipe off with a damp cloth and see, in a few weeks, just how soft your skin is and how bright your skin looks! The best part? It's all natural!


Cold Cucumbers

I'm sure that you've all heard of putting cucumbers on your eyes to reduce the puffiness, but you can actually use cold, cold cucumbers to keep any swelling down and also any discoloration down. For me, I just keep a little Tupperware thing of cut up cucumbers and every night, after I get home, I pop some onto my eyes for about 15 – 20 minutes just to keep them looking fresh! Try it ladies!


Drink Water

There are tons of different reasons to drink water, but guess what? Another way to protect skin around eyes is to drink your water! Drinking water can ensure that the skin around your eyes stays protected and that all of your skin glows and looks absolutely beautiful!


Limit Salt Intake

When you eat a lot of salt, your body actually sucks up a lot of the water that's in your system too, so girls, in order to keep your skin hydrated, just limit the salt intake that you have and beef up on the water. For me, this is a harder way to protect skin around eyes because I love salt! But girls, just cutting out a little at a time can make all of the difference!

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Beauty Sleep

You might not know it, but your beauty sleep is an amazing thing that will protect skin around eyes! Just getting 4 – 5 hours of sleep isn't enough ladies! You need at least 8, that way you can really get some deep sleep. Also, sleeping the right way is important too. If you sleep with your head a little higher, the fluid from your sinuses won't drain down and cause your eyes to be super puffy.


Massage Skin around Eyes

You might think that getting a massage for your back, hands and feet is enough, but did you know that massaging the skin around your eyes is another way to protect skin around eyes? Just a light massage all the way around your eyes (lids included ladies!) can make your skin relax and become less puffy!


Careful with the Washcloth

While you might be trying to scrub away that mascara from last night, did you know that if you are too rough with the washcloth, it can actually make your skin rough? Be careful, especially with rough wash clothes and make sure that you don't scrub, just wipe.


Cigarette Smoking

We all know that cigarettes are bad for you, but did you know that cigarette smoke can actually slow the blood flow to your face and under your eyes? That means that your skin isn't getting the proper blood and nourishment. So girls, if you want awesome eyes, you might want to kick that habit.

There you have it! My top 9 ways to protect skin around eyes! All you need to do is remember to be careful with the wash cloth, stop smoking and give yourself a little massage every once in a while. So girls, what other ways to protect skin around eyes do you know of?

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