10 Sunless Tanner Tips for Fabulous Glowing Skin ...


10 Sunless Tanner Tips for Fabulous Glowing Skin ...
10 Sunless Tanner Tips for Fabulous Glowing Skin ...

Are you looking for sunless tanner tips? You might be if you’ve ever attempted sunless tanner and came out looking like a spotted cheetah. Ok, you caught me. I have totally been that girl with streaks running down my legs and bright orange fingers. Luckily now I follow these sunless tanner tips for a fabulous glowing summer skin.

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Proper Prep

The first sunless tanner tip is to prep your skin. Skin is going to shed layers and cells regardless of your tanning hopes. Start by getting that layer of dead skin off your body. Doing this bit of prep will keep your tan longer and prevent splotches as it fades.


Moisture and Color Combo

Some people are afraid of the idea of sunless tanning. That’s alright. You can still add a little glow without having to worry about some of the common sunless tanner mishaps. Try a moisture and color combo. It will work like normal lotion but gives you an ever-so-slight glow. I like to do this in the winter when I want to add a little color.


Spray Tan

Do it yourself spray tans have become increasingly popular. With the right products and techniques you can get a spray tan at home that is just as good as the salon. Spray tans are nice because in most cases the bottles are designed to help you get hard to reach spots.


For the Face

You aren’t going to use the same tanner on your body as you do on your face. I like to use this sunless tanner tip and apply my face sunless tanner with a sponge. I keep it light. You can always add more tanner later after to see the results.


One Area at a Time

Remember sunless tanner is not lotion. You can’t just put a glob in your hand and smear it all over. I’ve made that mistake before. It’s not pretty. Now I know I need to take my time with sunless tanner. My sunless tanner tip to you is to apply the tanner to one area at a time.


Elbow, Knees and Ankles

Be careful with your elbows, knees and ankles. Get the tanner on these areas and then wipe the excess back off. These are so tricky and it just takes practice to know how much or how little tanner you need in these spots to not end up with spots.


Avoid Stains

Sunless tanner will stain. EVERYTHING. Don’t take this sunless tanner tip lightly. Apply your tanner naked. Stay naked for several minutes to let the tanner dry completely. If you put your clothes on too soon you will stain them permanently. Also set aside a towel and cloth that you don’t mind getting ruined to use when you put on sunless tanner.


Wash Hands Frequently

Don’t forget to wash your hands. If you follow my other sunless tanner tips and only work on one area at a time, stop before you move onto the next area and wash your hands. You can do even better than that by wearing gloves when you apply sunless tanner.


Continue to Moisturize

Always moisturize your skin. After your sunless tanner is set continue to moisturize your skin as normal. Put lotion on after you shower or when your skin is feeling dry. Moisturizing will help your sunless tan last longer.


Avoid Hot Water

Hot water will kill your sunless tanner. This means no steamy showers and baths or and no hot tub soaks.

Following these sunless tanner tips will help you get that gorgeous glow from head to toe. Do you use sunless tanner? Got any sunless tanner tips?

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The best sunless tanner ever is Victorias Secret tinted sunless tanner

I think she was saying hi to you.. That's not her name lol ;)

okay.. how the heck do you get dead skin cells off?

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