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Dangerous Habits Causing Your Acne to Worsen ...

By Alicia

Acne is a frustrating skin condition. And you certainly can’t help it if your skin is prone to having it. But some habits can make your acne worse. Avoiding them can help you see a dramatic improvement in your symptoms, giving you clearer skin and a boost in self-confidence, too.

1 Not Washing Your Makeup off

hair, eyebrow, face, nose, black hair, Skin sin number 1 is this. Not washing your makeup off is like begging your acne to act up. Your pores need the freedom to breathe while you sleep. 🏨 Your skin does it’s best work when you’re sleeping and it needs a makeup-free face to accomplish that. If you’re too tired to remove your makeup when you turn in then try washing it off a couple hours earlier. Honestly, extra makeup-free time is always healthy.

2 Using the Wrong Skincare

hair, face, black hair, person, nose, It’s important to make sure that you’re using the right skincare for your specific skin type. If you’re dealing with acne then look for a skincare line designed especially for that. Clinique has a line of skincare called Acne Solutions that a friend of mine has had great results with. You especially want to avoid skincare that’s geared toward dry skin because the extra moisture in those products is going to feed your acne more.

3 Popping Pimples

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose, I know it’s hard to deal with a huge zit on your face. And I’ll admit that I can’t stand it when it happens to me and yes, I pop them! It’s better not to pop them at all but if you can’t resist (like me) then at least follow these precautions. Always wash your hands first and whisk away the gook quickly because it’s full of bacteria that can cause other breakouts to crop up wherever it touches. Lastly, make sure your pimple truly needs to be popped before you give in.

4 Touching Your Face

face, eyebrow, hair, black hair, nose, You’ve heard this a million times. Keep your hands off your face. This advice helps on more than one front. First of all, it keeps germs away from your skin so you’re not making your acne worse or creating new acne. Secondly, it helps prevent you from catching other yucky stuff like respiratory illnesses and pinkeye.

5 Passing on Water

hair, black hair, face, person, clothing, Water is LIFE, ladies! It’s a big key in having beautiful, clear skin as well as helping you manage your weight and have better overall health. If you aren’t drinking enough water then it’s going to show. Work on giving up your soda habit and replace it with refreshing H2O. Adding even a little more water into your day is going to reward you with better skin.

6 You Eat Tons of Junk Food

human action, eating, food, I love junk food too. Who can pass up a plate of brownies or chips and dip? And the good news is you don’t have to always pass them up. But make them a less frequent part of your diet. Aim to eat more fruits and vegetables 🍎 🍆, lean meats and whole grains 🍞 for healthier skin and a healthier you.

7 Never Cleaning Your Cell Phone

human action, person, image, clothing, photography, It’s really gross to think about but it’s true. Your cell is crawling with germs, especially if you rarely or never clean it. Clean your phone daily to keep germs away from your skin. Your acne can improve dramatically just from this one step. Use an alcohol pad or an antibacterial wipe to sanitize it.

8 Overwashing Your Face

hair, human hair color, blond, face, hairstyle, While you do need to wash your face to help cleanse and prevent acne, washing your face too much is also bad. Overwashing can cause excess oil production to compensate for drying out your skin which causes more acne.

9 You're Using Too Many Products

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, lip, If you're trying to battle your acne by overloading your face with multiple products then you're doing it wrong. Treating acne takes patience, so use one or two products instead of 10 which will cause irritation to your skin.

10 You've Started Eating Soy

hair, clothing, person, girl, male, If you've taken on a healthier eating approach then you need to check your diet for soy. Soy milk, tofu, and other soy products have an ingredient that can mimic estrogen production in your body and make your breakouts even worse. If giving up soy isn't an option then you're going to have to regularly use a product to fight breakouts and acne.

These'er 10 bad habits that can make your acne worse. How many of them do you need to work on? What secrets help your skin?

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