7 Ways to Stop Your Skin from Looking like a Disco Ball ...


7 Ways to Stop Your Skin from Looking like a Disco Ball ...
7 Ways to Stop Your Skin from Looking like a Disco Ball ...

There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and finding out that your face is all shiny and greasy. While you should definitely carry some blotting papers with you so that you can do damage control in a pinch, it’s better to figure out a good way to stop the shine from happening in the first place. Of course, if none of these ideas work for you, it’s a good idea to make an appointment to see your dermatologist to rule out a problem. In the meantime, try this.

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Wash Morning and Night Instead of Just Once a Day

A shiny face was something I was battling up until a month or so ago. What changed things for me? Adding a good shine control cleanser first thing in the morning. You might wonder how your skin could possibly get all that greasy while you’re sleeping, but it can. A shine control facial cleanser, combined with the extra washing can do wonders for you.


Try a Matte Finish Foundation

The opposite of a shiny face is a matte one. Matte refers to that flat look that is anything but greasy. You can find some great mattifying foundations on store shelves and they can really help counteract shiny skin. However, you want to be careful to apply just a thin coat of the product or you run the risk of cakiness.


Create the Perfect Exfoliation Routine

Exfoliating is essential for removing dead skin cells and built up product from your face. However, you have to get the routine down or it won’t work for you. On the one hand, exfoliating too much removes necessary sebum, encouraging your skin to make more, leading to shininess. On the other hand, not exfoliating enough keeps you from having the clean palette you need to look matte. Once or twice a week is enough for most ladies.


Use a Powder Sunscreen in the Morning

You know you’re supposed to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, which can lead to the signs of aging and skin cancer. The problem is that sunscreen can sometimes leave you looking shiny. Try a powder version instead and you should notice that it helps soak up some of the grease.


Add Primer to Your Morning Beauty Routine

Primer helps keep your makeup in place so that it doesn’t smudge or smear throughout the day. Using a mattifying primer doubles up the benefit by also helping stop shine before it even starts. You can find great primers in all price ranges at drugstores so this step won’t even cost you that much.


Use Products That Contain Retinol

Retinol can do many things and helping control shine is one thing it can do for you. Choosing products that contain retinol as one of its primary ingredients can help anti-age your skin, but experts say that it can also stop grease in its tracks, which means you can worry about other things and never think about a shiny face again.


Do a Two Step Cleanse at Night before You Go to Bed

You know that you should never go to bed at night without washing your face first. The reason is that if you sleep in makeup, you encourage the growth of bacteria and germs that can spread all over your skin and lead to breakouts and grease. However, a simple suds might not be enough. Experts suggest starting by wiping your face with a makeup removing wipe, then do your usual cleanser with water. There, done!

Do you suffer from a shiny face? What do you do about it?

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