7 Things to Know about Using a Humidifier for Dry Skin ...


7 Things to Know about Using a Humidifier for Dry Skin ...
7 Things to Know about Using a Humidifier for Dry Skin ...

There are some things to know about using a humidifier for dry skin before you set one up in your home. They are touted by many experts as being a great way to add moisture to the air during the winter when you run your heater all day long. That’s very true and one can definitely make the difference for people who suffer from the problem during the cold months. However, it’s important to consider the following things about using a humidifier for dry skin so that you can get the most out of yours.

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You Might Need More than One

One of the most important things to know about using a humidifier for dry skin is that you might need more than one unit. You obviously spend time in more room than one when you’re at home, so you might want to think about putting a couple of humidifiers throughout your home so that you can moisten the air everywhere.


Read the Directions

In general, most humidifiers work the same, but it always pays to read the directions that go with yours because they may vary a bit from model to model. Before you even get the unit going, read through the entire information packet that comes with it. That way you’ll know what you’re doing so that your machine works the best it can. Failure to follow the directions sometimes voids the warranty too, so you want to be sure you can get a replacement if it doesn’t work.


Use Filtered Water

Using plain tap water won’t hurt the humidifier, but some experts say that using filtered water helps keep the unit from misting bacteria and other contaminants into the air. You can use bottled water, but it might be cheaper in the long run to just buy a filter for your faucet so that you can get filtered water anytime you need it.


Follow Safety Instructions

Your humidifier won’t do much for your skin if you aren’t using it safely. Not only does it pose health risks, but an improperly used humidifier can start a fire or burn you. Make sure you place it on a level and stable surface so it remains upright at all times. Keep your body parts out of the hot steam and be sure you keep water away from the electrical connection to prevent a shock.


Choose Cool or Warm Mist

According to the experts at Health magazine, both cool and warm mist humidifiers are appropriate for dry skin. Choose one that fits in the location where you want to store it and that is easy for you to understand and operate. Experts recommend certain brands and models so talk to your dermatologist about the one that’s best for your skin.


Combine It with Other Skincare

While a humidifier is a great option for treating dry skin, it likely won’t solve the problem in its own. You’ll need to use it in conjunction with your other dry skin treatments. That includes choosing products designed for dry skin and being sure to hydrate your skin with moisturizer several times per day. Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet too.


Clean It Regularly

A humidifier can be great for dry skin, but it must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent mold and bacteria build up. If you don’t, that icky stuff gets blown into the air, which can exacerbate asthma in addition to reducing the benefits for your skin. Take the unit apart and clean it according to the directions about once a week or so.

Did you know a humidifier could be so good for your skin? I hope you can reap the benefits of having one in your home. Do you have any other dry skin tips to share?

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