7 Tricks to Cure Dry Skin ...


7 Tricks to Cure Dry Skin ...
7 Tricks to Cure Dry Skin ...

Cure Dry Skin tricks are easy to find, but do they really work? Trust me ladies, with winter right around the corner, I am already feeling the effects of dry skin, which means I have tried each and every one of these cure dry skin tips. If you have flaky, itchy and cracking dry skin – follow these tips to cure dry skin easily and quickly!

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Use Lotion

This is a given, but the type of lotion that you use is actually important too. You don't want to use a lotion that doesn't completely sink into your skin and quench it. Olay's Quench daily lotion is actually one of my favorite lotions and it sinks right into your skin. Trust me on it, when you try this lotion, it'll definitely cure dry skin easily!


Drink Water

You've probably heard all your life that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water right? Well ladies, this is definitely one of the cure dry skin remedies that really work! Drinking water not only is good for your general health but it actually helps hydrate your skin and makes it moisturized.



Sunscreen is not only important in the summer, it's actually important year round and it is a great way to cure dry skin any time of the year. With winter being right around the corner, stock up on sunscreen while it is cheap. You'll want to wear it everyday and I promise that you'll feel better and your skin will feel less dry every day that you use it!


Avoid Wet Socks & Gloves

Whenever you have dry skin, water is going to be one thing that you want to avoid. If you have been out in the snow (which is coming soon), you want to avoid keeping your feet submerged in wetness, that will only dry them out even more. Change out socks, gloves or even clothes if you get wet, it'll make your skin stay moisturized instead of dry!


Use a Humidifier

I have been dying to buy one of these, especially since it is fall and the temperatures are dropping. A humidifier actually adds moisture into the air, which in turn adds moisture back into your skin. This is a great investment for any home and it'll definitely help cure dry skin in your whole family!


Pace the Peels

Face peels is what I mean. When you have dry skin, you don't want to constantly be getting your skin peeled or have on a facial mask that is harsh. You also want to avoid any alcohol-based toners too, use deeply hydrating products and clay masks. It'll make all the difference!


Keep Your Water Cool

I am a huge, huge bath person – I take one every night before I head to bed. The burning-hot bath might feel great, but it is actually the one thing that will break down lipid barriers in the skin, which means that your skin is more prone to losing moisture. If you have to take a hot bath – keep it short or keep it cool!

Learning how to cure dry skin isn't always something you think about. I never would have thought to change my toner or that the temperature of my bath water made all that much of a difference. What tips do y'all use when you are trying to cure dry skin naturally? Share!

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7 I will follow the instructions on the winter because my skin is prone to dry. Thanks to share your article, it's wonderful

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