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Acne Prone Skin is so hard to handle. I know how horrible dealing with acne can be. You don't feel like going out or being seen, and you've probably tried every possible remedy. I can totally sympathize. I’ve learned over the years how to treat my acne prone skin and put together this list of 8 essential skincare tips to help acne prone skin. Follow these fantastic skincare tips and you will see improvement in your acne as well.

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Wash Your Face Daily

If you have acne prone skin, this is incredibly important. In fact, wash your face twice everyday. You should wash once in the morning before putting on makeup and again at night before getting into bed. Through out the day our skin collects dirt, oil, and other impurities that can clog our pores and lead to breakouts.



Keeping your skin moisturized is so important. Washing your face is vital too, but the thing is, washing your skin pulls away much of the necessary oils in the skin. Follow up each wash with a good moisturise suitable for you skin type.


Spot Treatment

Apply salycic acid or benzoyl peroxide to the blemishes on your acne prone skin to heal them up quickly. These treatments work by drying out the zit to help speed up the process. This can be one of the most helpful tips if you have a lot of breakouts. Just remember to be kind to your skin, especially if it's sensitive.


No Picking

Avoid picking at any blemishes on your face. Zits are filled with bacteria. When you pop a pimple that bacteria spreads and can seep into other pores, causing them to break out as well. Your best bet is to keep your hands off your acne prone skin.


Choose the Right Products

There are so many different face washes, creams and moisturizers on the market. When trying to find one look for products made specifically for acne prone skin. Also take into consideration your skin type. Some products are made for oily skin while others are good for dry or combination skin.

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Eat Well

Although the verdict is still out if oily foods actually cause oily skin or acne breakouts, it is always good advice to make wise food choices and follow a balanced diet. The nutrients and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables will make your skin look better regardless of the acne.


Drink Water

Water not only keeps your body hydrated but it also keeps your acne prone skin hydrated. It helps flush impurities out of your body, including some of the bacteria that causes pimples. Opt for water instead of sugary sodas and energy drinks through out the day.


Don’t Dwell

Having bad skin can be a real downer, especially if you get a break out before a date or special event when you wanted to look your best. Don’t let those little pest get the best of you and keep you locked inside. Put on that sexy black dress and beautiful smile and make the most of your night anyways. Don’t dwell on those zits, chances are no one even sees them.

Acne prone skin can be so devastating, but you can't let it get you down. There are ways to deal with it. Let me know if you have any more tidbits to add to my 8 essential skin care tips to help acne prone skin. I’d love to know how others are treating their breakouts. If you have acne prone skin, feel free to vent a little too. Talk about your feelings, the techniques you use, and your own skincare tips!

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So I know it says no picking but I have a way to pop pimples: 1-wash your hands 2-get a steralized needle 3-slowly place the needle in the skin and pull out 4-go around in a complete 360 starting from farther away from the pimple and pop it 5-put alchol on it 6-put salt and lemon juice on it 7-sleep 8-excersise and use makeup

hey..i am 15 years old....in winters my skin becomes dark and get many small small acne..this is not my hereditic problem...please tell me home remedies for getting a fair flawless skin..so that i can look my best..hoping for your reply eagerly...

Ao can i get rid of pimples spot?

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