Check out These Ways to Deal with Eczema ...


Check out These Ways to Deal with Eczema ...
Check out These Ways to Deal with Eczema ...

There are lots of ways to deal with eczema. It might not be known, but many people suffer from eczema. They have patches of dry, itchy skin. On a lighter skin tone, they are bright red. These patches appear all over the body and scratching makes it worse. Adults and children can suffer from these skin woes. Even little babies can have eczema. It is not known what causes it or how to cure it. But, there is good news. You can treat eczema to the point that it is almost dormant. Here are some of the best ways to deal with eczema.

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Change Your Laundry Detergent

Allergic reactions can trigger an eczema flare-up. Some laundry detergents and fabric softeners can make your skin problems worse. Change to laundry products that are gentle on sensitive skin. Avoid anything with perfumes and dyes. Tide Free & Gentle, Clorox 2 Free and Clear, Clorox Gentle Bleach are good examples to use for washing your clothes. Switching up your detergent is one of the easiest ways to deal with eczema and is a good place to start.


Take Allergy Meds

In order to eliminate any allergy triggers to your eczema, take some allergy medication. Benadryl can be taken to alleviate the itching. Talk to your doctor about the best medications for you. Read the directions before you take the pills. Be careful if you have to drive or operate heavy machinery.


Don’t Sleep under Heavy Sheets

Sweat and heat can cause flare-ups of eczema. It is okay to sleep under heavy quilts during the winter. But in the summer, sleep in lighter sleepwear and put away your heavier sheets. Allow your bed to breathe once a week to let out the sweat and grime. Also, wash your sheets once a week to kill dust mites and reduce flare-ups.


Don’t Take Long Hot Showers

This is painful to say. We all love hot showers in the winter. But, the heat of the water can dry out your skin and make your eczema worse. Turn down the temperature to lukewarm or cool. Limit your shower time to ten to fifteen minutes. Do the same if you like to take baths. Just like with your laundry detergent, use soap that is gentle on sensitive skin.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Dry skin is the enemy of eczema. Use lotion every single day. Go for products that are heavy in moisture. Anything that is approved by the National Eczema Association is the best thing for your skin. Avoid anything with perfume and dyes that can trigger a flare-up. The same applies to soap. In serious cases, talk to your doctor about prescribing a steroid cream to help weaken your flare-ups.

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Avoid Stress

Just like every other health problem in life, stress is an enemy to all eczema sufferers. The worst type of stress can make you look like you have the plague. Try to locate the stressor and eliminate it as soon as possible. Try to relax and take deep breaths. Take breaks and look for ways to relax every single day.


Eat Right and Sleep Well

Eating right, light activity, and getting the right amount of sleep are going to help ease up your eczema. These might be little changes to your daily life, but they can actually do wonders for your skin in general. Trying to do the right thing is hard, but putting in the effort will make life even better in the long run.

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