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Do This Skincare Routine before Bed to Prevent Acne ...

By Carly

Every girl needs a good bedtime skincare routine to prevent acne. Although it is certainly a problem that affects teenagers and young people more than it does adults, acne is very much something that has the power to affect faces of all ages and colours across the spectrum. If you do a general search for acne prevention online, you will come across so many differing and opposing tips and pieces of advice that it can end up being more of a hindrance than a help! One of the worst things you can do for your skin is to keep switching up the products that you use on it and the procedures that you put it through, so once you find a good routine, it’s best to stick to it. Speaking of which, here is the perfect bedtime skincare routine to prevent acne.

1 Healthy Dinner

What you eat for dinner is a huge part of a bedtime skincare routine to prevent acne. Before you even get to your room at night, you can help yourself by adding extra greens to all of your dinners. Green vegetables are fantastic for their internal cleansing abilities, so it makes sense to consume as many as you can and attack your acne from both the inside and the outside. Spinach salad is a great option, but you can also always go for a nice green smoothie.

2 Proper Cleansing

I’m not just talking about removing your makeup, I’m talking about proper, deep cleansing. Use a gentle foam cleanser or an oil-based cleanser, whichever one you feel is kindest to your skin type, and make sure to remove all of the junk that you have accumulated on your face over the course of the day. This is the best prevention against acne breakouts overnight.

3 Always Moisturise

No matter how tired you are or what kind of mood you are in, you should never, ever skip the moisturising stage! Even if you don’t feel like your skin is dehydrated, it will most likely still need it once you get past the first few layers. It’s important to remember that you need to really cleanse your skin before applying moisturiser, because it is pretty much useless if smothered upon dirty skin, and will just further clog up pores!

4 Turn Your Phone off

You need to cleanse on the inside as well as on the outside. If you stay awake in bed for two or three hours because you are addicted to your phone, then you will not be getting the amount of sleep that your body needs. Also, there is a major germ factor! Think about all the places and pockets your phone has been in. You don’t want to be putting it to your face after you have cleansed and moisturised.

5 Good Sleep

And speaking of getting a good night’s sleep, the recommended amount for people is around eight hours per night. This is the ideal amount of time for your body to be able to recharge and start again for another day, and things like exhaustion and irritability can have a big effect on the state of your acne.

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