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5 Outstanding Ways to Take Your Skin from Drab to Fab ...

By Samantha

Looking for some ways to take your skin from drab to fab? If you’re anything like me, the winter months do a number on your skin. The air is dry, skin gets dehydrated and loses its luster. Here are some tried and true ways to take your skin from drab to fab before summer gets here.

1 Stay Hydrated

I know, I know. You’ve heard this one from every Twitter thread and beauty guru on the internet, but water is essential to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so it’s pretty crucial to keep drinking that h2O on the daily. It might even be one of the most important ways to take your skin from drab to fab.

2 Don’t Touch Your Face

This one is big, and you might not realize how much you touch your face until, try not to touch it. Our hands contain oils that contaminate and clog our pores, leading to blackheads. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3 Get Some Sun

Anyone else spend winter bundled up in blankets watching Netflix? It’s time to crack open the windows and spend some time outside. The sun contains vitamin D, which is essential for our skin, plus it makes those freckles POP.

4 Find the Perfect Skincare

A great skincare routine is a big step in the journey to good skin. Finding your holy grail products might take some time but once you have them in your collection your skin will be glowing.

5 Mask It up

A good mask is every girls’ (or guys’) best friend. Whether it be DIY or store-bought, masks can be extremely beneficial to your skin, and they’re fun, too!

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