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Is Your Phone Causing Wrinkles ? and How to Protect Your Skin from Aging ...

By Carly

It's a good question - is your phone causing wrinkles? It’s fair to assume that most of us spend a hell of a lot of time on our cell phones, probably much more time than you would like to admit! You might think that a bit of smartphone activity is harmless, but did you know that there is something called HEV light? HEV light is something that is emitted from your phone as you use it, and a few recent studies have uncovered some results that argue HEV light can play a significant role in causing unwanted and unnecessary premature aging. If you know that you are someone who uses their phone a lot, then you might want to take heed of these handy tips for protecting your skin! So, is your phone causing wrinkles?? Read on to find out.

1 Apply SPF

The best thing that you can do for your skin on a daily basis is to apply SPF regularly, even when it isn’t particularly sunny outside. Along with UV rays, HEV light can have a similarly negative effect and cause damage to the natural processes of the skin. Don’t assume that just because it isn’t sunny that you don’t need to protect yourself. There are many unknown dangers for your skin, and HEV light is definitely one of them.

2 Limit Screen Time

Try to give yourself a digital detox by limiting your screen time to as little as possible. Some people cannot help but use their devices for their job, but committing to cutting down your leisure hours can do wonders for regenerating your skin and giving it a break from the pesky HEV rays. It might be hard to go cold turkey right off the bat, but you would be surprised by how much you start to feel and notice a difference when you take time away from your screen.


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3 Frown Less

It’s not just HEV light that is responsible for premature aging related to your phone. Did you know that the standard resting face for a person scrolling through their phone is a frown? You will have heard it before but it's worth repeating - frowning is an action that causes a lot more gradual wear and tear on your face, than, for example, smiling! The best way to ensure that you don’t frown as much is to not be looking at your screen as much!

4 Invest in Skincare

Of all the fields in health and beauty, skincare is the most worth investing good money in. There is a vast difference between budget products and recommended products, and when it comes to something as long lasting and important as the health of your skin, spending that little bit extra is always going to be beneficial. The two ingredients that you should always be looking out for to counteract the effects of HEV light are hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

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