7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Clear ...


7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Clear ...
7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Clear ...

There is so much confusion that comes with ways to keep your skin clear. Because everyone has different skin types we all do different things to try and keep our skin glowing and acne free, but we can all start out doing the same things. Following the tips I provide should get you on the track to healthier and clearer skin. Then you find what works for you and maybe even find other ways to keep your skin clear.

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Outer beauty begins within, so for your skin to be at its healthiest you have to work your way out from the inside. When you work out you sweat, which releases toxins from your body. The more you work out the more you are able to clean your body of toxins. You will notice that your skin, nails, and hair will look much healthier after incorporating exercise into your normal routine. Although you won’t see immediate results, this is one of the best ways to keep your skin clear.


Drink Plenty of Water

Water, like exercise, also cleanses your body of toxins. It’s best to stay away from sugary drinks like soda and juice, unless its 100% juice. If your skin is sensitive like mine, a soda will cause a breakout almost instantly. Drinking soda is not worth the couple of days I spend trying to get rid of the acne that popped up as a result. Try replacing one drink a day with water and then continuously increase until you are drinking more water than anything else.


Hands off!

Throughout the day you pick up a lot of germs just touching things, so you want to keep your hands away from your face. All the germs you catch from touching door knobs and others' hands transfer to your face as soon as you touch it. Try and keep your hands off your face as much as possible, but if you can’t resist, then wash your hands frequently so that there won’t be as much irritation from dirt.


Clean Your Face

It is so important to keep your face clean, because if you let dirt and germs sit there acne-causing bacteria increases. I clean my face three times a day because my skin is oily and tends to hold dirt. I clean my face twice during the day, and once right before I go to bed, and have seen a huge improvement with my skin since I have started doing it. And even if I do get a breakout, it is a very small one instead of my whole forehead or another area of my face.


Find One Facial Cleanser

Using more than one brand of facial cleanser is not effective at all. It usually takes a couple of weeks for you to see results from the cleanser you use, so switching back and forth between brands won’t clear your skin. Just remain patient for results, and read the label to make sure you are doing everything correctly. If you do not see the results you want, then switch it. Don’t buy several brands and expect faster results.


Do Not Use Fragranced Products on Your Face

Lotions that have fragrance tend to irritate the skin as well. Even though your face may be clean when you put lotion on it, the lotion creates oil on your skin once again. If you need to put lotion on your face use non-scented lotion, or better yet find a lotion that is made to go on after you clean your face with an acne wash. I have decided to put nothing on my face after I wash it because your face does have natural oils. Find the option that is best for you.


Avoid Lots of Makeup

We are all beautiful in our own way so makeup is definitely not a necessity. If you must wear makeup though, find one that won’t be harsh on your skin. Try one that is light and does not clog your pores as much as other makeup would. At the end of the day make sure you wash all of your makeup off so that it does not have a chance to clog your pores overnight.

Keeping your skin clear is fairly easy, but definitely time consuming. If you could incorporate any of the following into your daily routine it would make a huge difference. Consistency is important; if you do one of these daily you are sure to see results quickly. Which do you think is the most effective?

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Eating avocado !

Great tips :)

I will try all thes methods for my face an hopefully ill have no dry skin.... Washing my face makes my face dry ... Also it drys in winter an its dont feel so good .... Help?

Great tips! Thanks!!!

great tips :)

But I am still washing my face

Thank you this helps.

Cleanser, toner, moisturizer. The best trio for keeping acne prone skin at bay! Find your favorite brand and stick with it. :) and if you just love makeup, remember to also wash your brushes often! This'll help too.

I am starting to get a little bit of acne

I've been on the routine for more than a couple of years. People keep telling me how amazing my skin is.

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