7 Fabulous Tips on How to Be Your Own Dermatologist ...


7 Fabulous Tips on How to Be Your Own Dermatologist ...
7 Fabulous Tips on How to Be Your Own Dermatologist ...

Have you ever wanted to learn how to be your own dermatologist? No worries! I’ve got the answer for you. Though chronic acne affects a large amount of people every year, I promise you that you don’t have to sacrifice your entire paycheck to see a dermatologist. I had chronic acne as a teen in high school and bought every cream you could imagine. What I learned was I wasn’t only wasting my money, but I was simply unaware of the real answers at hand for what worked and what didn’t. So, I’m sharing my best tips with you, and showing you how easy it really is to learn how to be your own dermatologist. Not all of these steps are the easiest thing to do, but once you learn how to manage your skin the simple way, you’ll never go back to creams, doctors and covering up the real issue at hand. Acne is more than about the surface of your skin, but more importantly, what’s going on underneath your skin. Find out what you need to know, and how to be your own dermatologist, starting today.

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Natural is Best

Let’s get something straight if you want to learn how to be your own dermatologist. First off, ditch all those anti-acne cleanser, gels, and other products you’re using. Yes, even those 3 step systems that promise to work, and might for a short time, but trust me, in due time, you’ll see they really don’t. Instead, pick up an all-natural sea salt bar at your local superstore or supermarket. There are many brands, and the more natural the product, the better. These are found with the bath products, not the acne products. Wash your face only in this. Sea salt cleanses the skin on a whole new level, without irritating it. Most of these soaps also have added shea butter or jojoba oil so they won’t dry your skin out, and instead will clear your skin up. When it comes to removing your makeup, use only coconut oil and coconut oil only, I repeat. It fights acne and resists breakouts before they start. It also keeps your skin from drying out, which in turn, creates more acne. Also, when choosing a moisturizer, I advise picking up Neutrogena’s Helioplex UltraSheer SPF Sunblock. It has two special ingredients, one of which fights acne, and the other fights wrinkles. It isn’t advertised as this, but is to date the only product that won’t break my face out. It also moisturizes your skin just enough so it won’t dry out, but also won’t be greasy. It also smells great and is well absorbed by your skin. It might not be 100% natural, but is much better than those harsh acne moisturizers or gels on the market, and it’s cheap!


No Picking

Next and most importantly, don’t pick at your face! Any dermatologist will tell you this, but I’m going to tell you too. Picking at your face causes more harm than good, and can lead to scarring. Just don’t do it! Instead, soak a hot rag in boiling water and apply it to your skin to bring the breakout to the surface. Keep doing this a couple times a day and leave it alone. Cover with concealer and use the products recommended above in your skin care routine. The pimple should come to a head by itself and eventually dissipate. If it won’t burst on its own, then apply a little pressure with the warm rag to see if it will. If not, leave it alone until it will. Don’t pick with your fingernails though, so you can avoid exposing it to more bacteria and creating a new infection on top of the old one.


Be Food Smart

This is the most important of all tips I can give you. You’ve got to be food smart! If you’re eating sugar, refined foods, trans fat foods, and any foods that raise your glycemic index, trust me, your acne will not go away. Cutting sugar, refined foods, all flour and high glycemic carbs out of my diet, along with trans fats was the number one thing that gave me clear skin. It isn’t easy at first, but not only will you get glowing skin, but you’ll also feel better! Your dermatologist would tell you the same!


Eat Healthy

While we’re on the topic of food, be sure whatever you do that you choose good skin foods. What are these? Anything rich in Vitamin A, which is nature’s best anti-acne vitamin and anti-wrinkle vitamin. This includes all orange produce like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, winter squash and cantaloupe( not too much fruit for sugar content though), and also leafy greens like kale, spinach, collards and lettuce. These are all great for your skin and will fight acne the natural way. Also, be sure you’re eating plain, unsweetened yogurt like plain Greek. Though dairy typically bothers skin for people with acne, yogurt has the opposite affect. It contains living enzymes that fight bacteria, along with protein that helps repair damage to collagen in the skin. The probiotics also help fight off bacteria from within, along with fighting the effects of a previous diet full of unhealthy sugars that cause yeast build up. Anytime you consume too much sugar, it will show up on your skin. Probiotics, especially those in yogurt, help clear this issue right up! Also be sure to eat fish, and other omega 3 foods like organic eggs. Fish and eggs are great for fighting acne and help ward off wrinkles.


Wash before Bed

Whatever you do, wash your face before bed, using coconut oil to remove makeup, your sea salt bar to cleanse your skin, and then apply the recommended moisturizer above. Do this each night and you’ll wake up to clearer skin in just two weeks. Never ever go to bed with makeup on. You’re just asking to develop acne as the bacteria develops in your skin overnight from makeup.


Rooibos Tea

Also, try drinking a delicious herbal tea known as red tea, or Rooibos tea. It’s made from a sweet bush in Africa and tastes like a dream! It also clears the skin very fast and tastes great hot or iced with stevia and lemon added in. As a bonus, it fights your sweet tooth and helps you rest.


Water to Drink

Lastly, be sure to drink plenty of water and stop drinking soda, artificial sweeteners and too much caffeine. All of these wreck your skin. Also be sure to switch from dairy milk to unsweetened almond milk as a more skin-friendly, and weight-friendly option. Be sure to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day, and add a slice of lemon for an extra skin detoxing effect.

I think it would be neat to visit a dermatologist one day, but my budget just doesn’t have room for the luxury. Luckily, with these tips, I don’t need to! I hope you’ll try these and see if they work for you too. If you suffer from acne, or have in the past, what’s the best skin tip you’ve got for me?

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Scrubbing LIGHTLY with sea salt from the kitchen also works and is way cheaper than fancy sea salt soap!

I think your posts are all amazing. Your advice is very sensible and down to earth.

What brands of sea salt bars would you suggest?

the coconut oil is the best makeup remover and deep hair mask.

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