7 Things That Can Clog Your Pores ...


7 Things That Can Clog Your Pores ...
7 Things That Can Clog Your Pores ...

There are lots of things that can clog your pores and knowing what they are is super handy. After all, your best weapon against skin problems is knowledge. When you know the possible things that can clog your pores, you can avoid them and/or take action to make sure they stay clear and healthy. Clogged pores can lead to acne breakouts that are unsightly and uncomfortable. Check out these common pore cloggers and you’ll be set to have the best skin ever.

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Extra Skin Oil

If you have extra oily skin, it might be one of the things that can clog your pores. Excess oil production can be blamed on several things, including genetics, hormones and dehydration. You can’t fight some of these things, but keeping your skin moisturized and clean is the best defense. It’s easy to do and one of the simplest ways to combat clogged pores.



For people with specialized skin conditions or sensitive skin, clogged pores can be exacerbated by certain types of make-up. If you suffer breakouts after using certain brands or colors, it’s best to stop using them and look for something else. Look for products that are labeled as non-comodogenic because they are your best bet against clogged pores.


Skincare Products

You might be surprised to learn that the very products you use to take care of your skin can actually clog your pores. Really thick creams as well as certain ingredients can lead to clogged pores. It’s important to read the ingredient list well and talk to your dermatologist if you notice breakouts so you can determine which one might be the culprit. Again, looking for non-comodogenic products can also help.


Dirty Skin

It’s imperative to properly cleanse your skin each and every day. Never, ever go to bed with your make-up on and be sure to wash your skin well each night with a cleanser that works for your skin type. Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to dirt, bacteria and environmental toxins that must be removed for healthy skin. Even when you’re tempted to skip it, washing your face is a vital step for glowing skin.


Your Hands

You might be surprised just how dirty your hands really are. Doctors all over the world encourage their patients to keep their hands away from their face. Not only does it help protect you against illnesses, but it also protects your pores. When your dirty hands come into contact with your face, they leave behind dirt, germs and bacteria that will worm their way into your pores and clog them up really quickly. If you must touch your face, wash your hands first.

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Your Cell Phone

It’s not the cell phone itself that clogs your pores, but the build-up of stuff on it that does. When you talk on your phone, you leave behind natural oils. When you set your phone down, it picks up all sorts of icky things. Next time you talk on it, you transfer that stuff to your face. If you notice breakouts where you hold your phone, but nowhere else, you need to wipe your phone down with a disinfectant wipe once a day to get rid of all that stuff.


Dead Skin Cells

Sounds gross, doesn’t it? The truth is that you do carry around dead skin cells on your body. The good news is that you can get rid of them with regular exfoliation treatments. You can buy inexpensive exfoliators at most drugstores and get the job done while you’re in the shower. This sloughs away the dead skin, keeping it out of your pores.

What clogs your pores? Did you learn about anything new that might be causing breakouts?

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I had no idea talking on your cellphone could clog pores. Of course! I just recently had a breakout on one side of my face and couldn't figure out why, now I know!


Doing a peel off pore strip or facial mask to remove black heads & white heads help. U can get some Biore ones at CVS/Walgreens or Rite Aid etc... Also making a paste with sugar & water helps to exfoliate ur skin. Do this 1 or 2 times a week for clear skin

Wash your pillow cases regularly helps prevent clogged pores.

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