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7 Tips for Increasing Your Skin's Lovely Glow ...

By Eliza

You don’t want to be dripping sweat or bright red, but most women want that glow that makes them look rested, healthy and young. Turns out there are several ways you can get that glow without too much effort. And if there’s something we all want, it’s to look great without having to invest hours, right? If you want to glow, you are not alone and you are only going to love what these tips can do for you. Let me know how it goes!

1 Use Cool Water

I know very well how wonderful a hot, steamy shower can be, especially in the winter when it’s so cold outside. You’ve probably heard before that a hot shower isn’t a good idea. That’s true for many reasons, including that coveted glow you’re after. Hot water removes all the natural oils from your skin, which keeps you from looking dewy and instead leaves you dried out and dull. Keep the water lukewarm for the glow you crave.

2 Pay Attention to Your Neck

Your neck is hard to cover up and it has the same thin, delicate skin that your face does. That means you want to care for it the same way you care for your face. When you do that, your face stands out with a glow that will turn heads. When you apply facial products, make sure you use them on your neck as well. Easy, right?

3 Eat More Soy

Soy has gotten a bad rap as something that could cause breast cancer. The research is mixed, but most people can enjoy moderate amounts of soy without worry. That’s a good thing because soy boosts collagen production, which is necessary to keep your face glowing and healthy looking. Try soy milk, tofu or edamame.

4 Choose Dye-Free and Fragrance-Free Products

Dyes and fragrances might make a skin product look appealing or create a better scent, but the ingredients used to create that can be harsh on your skin. By opting for products with fewer ingredients, you subject your skin to fewer items that can cause redness, dryness or breakouts. That means you’ll glow instead. Perfect!

5 Try Oils

Skincare experts are increasingly singing the praises of oils for your skin. When applied, they absorb into your skin, leaving it hydrated. In addition, some oils are loaded with nutrients that infuse your skin with all the good stuff it needs to be healthy. On top of that, the oils leave you with that subtle, but healthy glow that you want. Try olive or coconut oil for great results.

6 Exfoliate

If you’re avoiding exfoliation, it’s time to stop. Despite what you may have heard, this isn’t bad for your skin as long as you do it gently and only once or twice a week or so. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving the healthy and glowing skin underneath shining through.

7 Exercise

Exercise is good for so many things. Including glowing skin. When you exercise, your body eliminates toxins through your sweat. Not only that, but it also boosts circulation and gets your blood flowing. That’s the most natural way to get your glow going. Try walking, running, swimming, biking or organized sports. Take a class or join a gym – you’re sure to find an activity you enjoy.

Don’t you want to glow? I know that when I look in the mirror and see my skin glowing, it makes me a lot happier. How do you make your skin glow?

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