7 Awesome Things a Clay Mask Will do for Your Skin ...

By Eliza

7 Awesome Things a Clay Mask Will do for Your Skin ...

You know that a good face mask can do great things for your skin, and a clay mask is probably one of your best bets. There are so many awesome reasons why putting clay on your skin will be beneficial. The great news is that you can find clay masks at many drugstores, but they are also readily available online. Don’t just go outside and try to dig up some clay. That won’t be the same. Once you have your clay mask in hand, expect the following things to happen. You are going to be so happy.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Absorption
  2. 2. Removes Toxins
  3. 3. Cleansing
  4. 4. Infuse Nutrients
  5. 5. Removes Dead Skin Cells
  6. 6. Good for All Skin Types
  7. 7. Alkalizing

1 Absorption

Applying a clay mask to your face helps soak up some excess oil. No one wants oily, shiny skin, right? The clay will help suck some extra oil out of your face, helping cut down on the number of times you need to reach for a blotting paper. The thing to remember is that your skin actually needs a little bit of oil to be healthy, so don’t use clay so often that you get rid of all of it.

2 Removes Toxins

As your clay mask is absorbing the extra oil in your skin, it’s taking toxins with it. That means you can effectively get rid of those nasty things that can cause breakouts and other skin issues. When you pull toxins out of your skin, you also look more radiant and you protect your skin from damage and help lessen the signs of aging.

3 Cleansing

Not only are clay masks super good for your skin, but they are also cleansing. The clay helps get rid of dirt on your skin and will be easily removed when you rinse the mask off. You can’t use a clay mask in place of your regular cleanser, but it sure helps when you want to rejuvenate your face.

4 Infuse Nutrients

Clay, like most types of dirt, contains a wealth of minerals. Your body and skin need some of these minerals to stay looking and feeling healthy. Since you would never eat clay, massaging it into your face is an easy way to benefit from those minerals. Allow your clay mask to penetrate a bit for the most benefits.

5 Removes Dead Skin Cells

Everyone has dead skin cells hanging out on their face. Don’t worry, you can’t see them. But because they are so small, that means they can get into your pores, causing clogs, which can lead to breakouts. Clay grabs those little dead cells and sloughs them off your skin when you rinse the mask off. This will help keep your skin clear and fresh all the time.

6 Good for All Skin Types

If you usually scrutinize all your skincare products to be sure they are a good option for your dry, normal or oily skin, you can rest easy when you pick up a clay mask. Experts say they are good for all skin types, which means anyone can benefit from using one, no matter what skin issue you’re trying to address.

7 Alkalizing

The research on this is mixed, but many experts say that a clay mask is alkalizing, which means it can benefit more than just your skin. Some information says that using a clay mask on your skin regularly can help with certain digestive issues on top of all the skin benefits it offers. Whether this is true or not, it can’t hurt to try, right?

Do you use a clay mask? What other benefits have you noticed from using one?

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