7 Super Simple Ways to Mask That Nasty Pigmentation ...

Pigmentation, also called age spots, are the bane of many girls’ existence. They are usually harmless, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to cover them up. I definitely want to make sure mine aren’t super obvious. If you’re with me on that, you are going to love what this list has to offer. It’s loaded with easy ways that allow you to cover up your pigmentation and help you look as fabulous as you feel. Get ready to change your life!

1. Buy Camouflage Make-up

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Yes, all make-up is designed to cover your perceived flaws. However, looking for specifically labeled camouflage make-up can do wonders for your age spots. It’s less cakey and thick than other kinds and won’t be so obvious when you put it on. You can find great options at any make-up store.

2. Use a Flat Make-up Brush

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When you apply concealing make-up to your age spots, be sure to use a flat make-up brush. This will give you a more precise application and will help you blend the covering product so that you can’t see lines or color variations. You can find one in any budget, so you don’t have to worry that you can’t afford one.

3. Try a Self-Tanner

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According to skincare experts, a good self-tanning product can help blend those pesky age spots right into your complexion. The trick is to blend it gradually instead of applying a whole bunch at one time. This method works best if your age spots are lighter than your surrounding skin. If they are darker (which is usually the case), this method will only make them more pronounced.

4. Consider Bleaching

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There are products that are designed to lighten age spots. When you use it, be sure you apply it only to the actual spot or you’ll wind up lightening the skin around it too. Experts recommend talking to a dermatologist before attempting to bleach your own skin. The products can be damaging if they aren’t used correctly.

5. Try Yellow Concealer

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This works because it neutralizes the color of the age spots, making them appear lighter. Choose a product that is two shades lighter than your normal skin color, suggest the experts. Apply it in small amounts using a flat brush (see #2) and make sure you blend it well. This only takes a couple of minutes and gives you results you can see in no time.

6. Don’t Forget Foundation

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Once you finish masking your age spots, it’s important to follow up with a foundation that matches your skin tone. This helps keep the cover up product in place all day long and helps blend the spots in with your complexion. That’s easy enough, right?

7. Consider a Chemical Peel

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This treatment is kind of like a last resort kind of thing. It works by removing the top couple layers of your skin. This helps remove the layers where the age spots are darkest, leaving the spots lighter and less visible when the treatment is finished. You can get this done at most beauty salons or spas and recovery time is pretty minimal.

Did you learn something new? I hope this information is just what you needed to read so that you can get the best skin possible. Do you have any other tips for covering up age spots?

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