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Don't Let Zits Zap Your Confidence How to Hold Your Head up While Fighting Acne ...

By Neecey

Acne can make you want to simply hide away. You feel flawed and are sure everyone can see every blemish and every pimple. We know acne can really dent your self-esteem but you don’t have to let it define you. Here’s how to hold your head up and give a glow of confidence even when your latest breakout is acting up.

1 Realize It's Not as Noticeable as You Think It is

Think about this way - you are the only person who really sees your acne at a super close angle. Studying how bad it looks in the mirror will never be a comparable representation of how everybody else sees it at a greater distance. There is also a psychological side to it, as you don't only see the current zits on your face but also an amalgamation of all the previous blemishes too. I promise you it's not as bad as you think it is.

2 Don't Spend All of Your Time Analyzing It in the Mirror

One of the worst things you can do when trying to be confident when you have acne is to spend every spare second analyzing your face on the mirror. This constant reminder of your blemishes will ruin any self-confidence that you may have, and all of your energy and thought processes will be taken up with your skin, which can be a really draining way to live.

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3 Focus on the Positives

Yes, you may be experiencing a phase of acne like so many other teenagers and young people, but what it so often forgotten is the rest of your body and life and all of the positives that arise from it. If you are having a day when you feel particularly down about you acne, try to focus on all of the things that are really great in your life, whether it be you family, friends, and great taste in makeup or killer dress sense!

4 Ignore the Haters

Unfortunately, some people are not as respectful and kind as you are, so there is always the potential for horrible comments either in person or online in social media. They may sting initially, but what you need to remember is that nobody has the right to make you feel bad about things out of your control. Ignore the haters and surround yourself with good people that you love; sticks and stones etc.!

5 Speak with Other Acne Sufferers

Though the Internet can be a place of anonymous hate and trolling, it can also be a great way to connect with other people who are going through the same thing as you. There is a plethora of forums and message boards where you can talk to other acne sufferers, swap handy tips, share stories and generally give each other a boost of much needed self-confidence.

6 Don't Shut Yourself Away

The absolute worst thing you can do is to let the acne defeat you and became an introvert. Spending all of your time alone will mean that the only thing you are left with thinking about is your skin, which will compound the problem and make it seem worse than it really is. Try to live a completely unaltered life and you will soon see that the everyday problems and stories of your family and friends will lead to you thinking less and less about your acne.

7 Be Patient

And finally, be patient! Though at the time it may feel like this cycle of bad skin and no confidence will never end, you have to believe people when they tell you that it does! Acne is something that takes its own sweet time and no amount of popping and squeezing is going to hurry the process. Sit tight, don't let it beat you, and before you know it you will start to see a major difference.

If you’re plagued by acne, I hope these confidence boosters helped you. Please share your stories – others can be helped by learning how you deal with acne in a positive way.

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