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Whether you cover it up with makeup or not, you still want healthy, glowing skin – right? And you probably spend lots of money on give your skin the best beauty treatments you can afford. Everyone’s skin is unique so there are no beauty products that suit absolutely everyone but, there are certain rules that apply no matter your skin type. I’m sure you’re dying to know the universal routines you should be doing every day for healthy glowing skin so let’s get on with it right away.

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Always Apply Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin

It's an obvious one but an important one, but the very best way to protect skin and keep it healthy is to wear sunscreen whenever you go outside – even in winter and overcast weather. Protecting your face from the sun's UV rays is vital to maintaining a healthy, unburned glow.


Exfoliate Regularly to Reduce the Dullness Caused by Dead Skin Cells

In your twenties, your skin very helpfully self exfoliates, but as you get older this once easy process begins to slow down and it becomes up to you to remove the dead skin cells from your face manually. Removing this dead skin will help to reflect light make your face glow.


Assess the Dairy in Your Diet Because of the Number It Can do on Your Skin

All types of dairy products from milk to cheese can have the effect of making your hormones go in to overdrive and make your skin really oily and lead to conditions like acne. Making the conscious effort to avoid or reduce dairy can really improve the health and look of your face. If you avoid dairy, be sure to get enough calcium in other ways.


Eat Mixed Nuts to Add Healthy Fats and Selenium to Your Diet

Tasty and healthy! A handful of mixed nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews are super rich in selenium, which is really effective in the skin elasticity department. Whilst dairy can bring 'bad' oils to your face, mixed nuts can do the very opposite and do wonders for a glowing complexion.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes to Remove Build up of Grime and Detritus

You can help to give your skin a healthy glow by cleaning your makeup brushes. By making the effort to clean them every two to three weeks, you will get rid of all the dead skin cells and bacteria that will have gathered on the bristles. Use some warm water and a little bit of shampoo and just leave them to dry; job done!


Moisturize Your Skin Regularly Because It Needs It

Another pretty obvious tip, but one of the most important ones to remember! You have about three minutes after you shower to get all the moisture back in to your skin before you start to feel dry, so make sure you have all your creams and lotions out and ready to apply before you go in to the bathroom.


Avoid Hot Water than Can Damage Your Skin

Exposing your face to really hot water, either from the sink or when in the shower, can potentially be really damaging to your skin. The hot water can cause you to lose many essential oils within your skin, and in some cases even cause a mild burn that may not be visible to the naked eye. Stay away from super hot water, and never ever combine it with a soap bar!


Use Products That Contain Retinol to Boost Collagen Production

It is an unfortunate fact that as we get older, our bodies start to slow down in the collagen-producing department. Using retinol can help to boost the slowing rate of collagen in your face and can work to make your skin feel pleasantly young again.


Drink Water Because There Are so Many Reasons It’s Good for You

Probably the easiest way to help give your skin a healthy glowing look is to drink water, a lot of water, a lot of the time! Experts claim that drinking roughly eight glasses of water every day can work to clear the toxins in your skin and hydrate it to make it look as healthy as possible. Water is free and readily available, so there is no excuse!


Eat Watermelons Because They’re Delicious and Healthy

Watermelon is something of a miracle food when it comes to making your skin healthy and glowing. The fruit is rich in lycopene, which helps to fight against wrinkles and reduce redness in the face. It's juicy and delicious and has even been suggested to have skin cancer preventative qualities.

Of course, alongside these rules you should choose the right skincare products for your skin type. Are the things here you aren’t doing yet?

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