Burn Baby Burn What You're Doing Wrong with Sunscreen That Could Ruin Your Skin ...


You know that wearing sunscreen is super important because it protects you from sun damage and wrinkles. What you may not know is that you might be putting it on all wrong. Not getting your product on just right means you aren’t getting enough protection. You don’t want that, do you? Here are the top things that girls do wrong when it comes to putting on sunscreen. You aren’t alone, but now you have the tools you need to be a sunscreen application all-star.

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You Skimp when You Squeeze the Tube

Sunscreen can’t do its job if you aren’t using enough of it. Experts say you need at least a shot glass size amount for your entire body. It should rub in without too much effort, but when you start application, you should definitely see the product on your skin. Rubbing it in shouldn’t take forever, but shouldn’t happen immediately either. Measure your sunscreen out if needed, to be sure you’re getting enough.


You Slather It on in Record Time

Sunscreen application isn’t a race, but if it was, the real winner would be the person who finishes last. When you apply your product, you need to be sure you are paying attention to your entire body and getting sunscreen everywhere that the sun shines. Slow things down and give your body lots of love all over. No surprise sunburns for you!


You Go with One Coat and You’re Done

Unless you only plan to spend an hour or two out in the sun, you need to be putting on more sunscreen throughout the day. It only lasts for about 90 minutes to two hours. When that time has passed, you need to put on more. Also, if you get wet and towel off, it’s time to slather on more sunscreen too.


You Choose a Very Low SPF Number

Most dermatologists suggest using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. You might even go all the way to SPF 50. What you don’t want is an SPF of 4 or 8. You aren’t getting enough sun protection that way and open yourself to the risk of a sunburn. That can lead to skin cancer and signs of aging. If you must be tan, try a self-tanning product instead of risking things with sunscreen that doesn’t do much.


You Aren’t Paying Attention to Your Skin Type

Just as with other skincare products, sunscreen comes in many types and formulations. That means you should be choosing one that is designed for your skin type. I have sensitive skin on my face, so I use a special sunscreen there and a traditional one elsewhere. If you have certain skin issues, talk to your dermatologist about the best products for your skin.


You Haven’t Restocked in Years

First of all, if you still have sunscreen from several years ago, you definitely aren’t using enough. The average person goes through at least one bottle during a regular summer, more if you spend a lot of time outside. Second, old sunscreen may be expired, which means it isn’t doing its job correctly. Restock often so your skin is always protected.


You Skip It when the Sun is Hiding

Bad idea! Even when the sun is behind the clouds, you are still exposed to some of the sun’s rays. These are the ones that can cause cancer and wrinkles. You might not be getting a sunburn, but you are definitely being damaged by the sun. You need to wear sunscreen anytime you plan to be outside.

Which of these mistakes are you making? I have done them all at one time or another and I hope my experience keeps you safe. What other sun protection tips can you add?

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I quite literally have extra sunscreen on hand just in case I run out,I never not have a bottle sitting on my dresser,i got three on hand

thank you) this interesting

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