Want Perfect Skin? with These Silky Skin Tips You'll Toss Your Foundation for Good

By Jordin

Every girl dreams of perfect skin! We all want that glowy, dewy, supple, silky, lovely skin that just begs to be caressed. Perfect skin on your face is even more sought after because, come on, who wants to be bothered by applying foundation every single day just to achieve that flawless look? Well, with these silky skin tips you can kiss your foundation goodbye! Read on!

1 Drink Half Your Body Weight in Water Every Day

This is one point I can’t emphasize enough! Water hydrates your skin and keeps it looking supple and dewy! Water also flushes out impurities and keeps your skin blemish free. The true key to silky and soft skin is staying hydrated and flushing out those toxins! The formula is this: you drink half your pounds of body weight in ounces of water; for example, I weigh 140 pounds so I'd drink 70 ounces.

2 Use a Good Exfoliator on Your Skin Once a Week

The thing about skin is that it dries out easily. You can take the best care of your skin possible and still get dry patches! Using an exfoliator once a week is the key to keeping dry patches and flakiness at bay.

3 Be Religious about Your Facial Routine and Don’t Skip Days

Washing your face and moisturizing every day can be a hassle especially when you’re pressed for time! But taking care of your skin WILL benefit you! You’ll have that glow you so desperately desire. Going to bed with makeup on only clogs pores so always remove it before bed. Try not to overuse toner as this can dry out your skin.

4 Use a Color-correcting Primer

Color correcting primer evens out red tones and blotchy skin without needing a cover up or foundation! It’s usually green colored; so don’t be alarmed by the color! Your face will not look green, I promise! The green counteracts the redness!

5 Moisturize Every Single Day

Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip this step. Find a moisturizer that is formulated for your skin type. There is a difference between moisturized skin and greasy skin. Greasy skin is what you will have if you do not moisturize, because your skin produces oil to keep from being too dry.

6 What You Eat Matters

Your skin is usually a reflection of what you put into your body. If you live off of chocolate shakes and pizza, you won’t get that complexion you desire! Eat plenty of Omega 3,6,9 which is found in fish. This gives you lots of moisture! And vitamin A is great for regeneration. You can get vitamin A from spinach, avocado and kale.

7 Do Regular Facials, DIY or in the Salon

Strive for one facial a week. DIY at home is better than nothing if you can’t afford the salon! There are lots of different masks available for hydrating, drawing out impurities, evening out skin tone, and fighting acne. Choose the best one for your needs, or try a bunch of different ones just for fun!

Perfect skin may seem unattainable, but if you put forth a little effort and religiously practice the tips in this post, you should be well on your way to flawless, naturally gorgeous skin that doesn’t even require foundation every day! These tips apply for ALL your skin, not just your facial skin. Treat those legs and arms with a little TLC and you’ll be the envy of all your friends on the beach this summer!

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