7 Sunscreen Secrets That'll Change Your Summer ...


Many of us have been wearing sunscreen incorrectly. There are sunscreen secrets that can help you get the best sun protection and make wearing it a pleasant experience. I enjoyed doing some research on this subject and hope you enjoy reading what I learned. This info can help make it your best summer yet.

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You Need Sunscreen when You’re Not at the Beach, Too

Guess what, girls? You need sunscreen even when you’re sitting on your patio for a half hour. If you’re like me, this is where you fall short. I’m vigilant about wearing sunscreen at the beach but I’m a slacker when it comes to short periods of sun exposure. Time to change my habits!


You Should Wear Enough Sunscreen to Fill a Shot Glass

This is failure number two on my part. I doubt that I’m wearing a full shot glass of sunscreen but that’s the recommended amount. It sounds like a lot but the trick is rubbing it in until it is all absorbed. It could help to visualize a shot glass when you’re measuring out sunscreen. You could always bring one along to use for measuring until you get the hang of how much you should be applying.


Sunscreen SPF 30 and above Are Best

Dermatologists recommend you wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 daily. I tend to go for higher SPFs but as the queen of pale, I’ve always felt that was helpful. The meaning of SPFs can be confusing. This article by webmd.com can help clear that up. I’ve also read that it’s as important that you’re wearing sunscreen correctly as it is that you’re wearing the correct SPF.


Reapplying Every 2 Hours Gives You the Best Protection

There are some good tips to follow when it comes to how often to apply sunscreen. You should initially apply it 30 minutes before going outdoors and every 2 hours after that. It’s also good to reapply after swimming or toweling off. It does feel like you’re spending an awful lot of time applying sunscreen when you follow these tips. But it will pay off in the long run when your skin looks beautiful decades from now instead of excessively wrinkled from sun exposure.


There’re Specific Facial Sunscreens Specifically Designed Not to Clog Your Pores

This is a sunscreen secret I was happy to discover! Sunscreen doesn’t have to bring on an acne break out. There are sunscreens that are specifically designed for your face. They won’t clog your pores which is wonderful news. No more returning from the beach with zits to welcome you home.


Sunscreen Doesn’t Have to Be Greasy

This may be the best piece of news here. I was thrilled to find out that many sunscreens are now formulated to be non-greasy. In fact, after reading about this, I shopped for sunscreen and happily brought home 2 bottles of non-greasy sunscreen to try when I hit the beach this summer. I purchased two bottles of Coppertone’s Ultra Guard which is a non-greasy formula. I won’t miss the greasy feeling at all!


Makeup and Moisturizers with SPF Don’t Offer Enough Protection

So, I’ve been wearing a pea size amount of moisturizer with SPF under my makeup for years. I was surprised to learn this doesn’t offer adequate sun protection. For one thing, you’re smearing some of the moisturizer off when you apply makeup on top of it. And for days when you’re only dashing to the car, this’s probably enough. But if you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time outdoors, you need a sunscreen that stands alone with only light makeup.

These are sunscreen secrets that can change your summer. Which of them were surprising to you? You’re welcome to share sunscreen secrets you know, too.

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I wear sunscreen everyday,everyday on my face I'm the winter and fall when the UV is low,sunscreen is an absolute must

8. Sunscreen contains toxic carcinogens.

Does anyone know where I can get that sunhat in the main picture from? It's fabulous!

Happygirl. Try Coola. Its organic...No harsh chemicals. Use Hush&Dotti; skincare in combination. You'll never ever have to worry about carcinogens.

@Midnight Rose. It is cute. I bet if you screen shot it and image search it you could find it. Who knows. Just a thought ....

thnk s

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