This is How You Can Prevent Summertime Chafing ...

By Eliza

This is How You Can Prevent Summertime Chafing ...

Chafing occurs when two areas of your body rub together repeatedly or your clothing rubs against your body all the time. The issue is worse during the summer when your body gets all sweaty. Chafing is really uncomfortable and I’m sure you’d rather avoid it so your warm weather time can be spent having fun. You don’t have to live with chafing because there are several ways to get around such a sore subject. Try one of these methods and let me know how much better it makes you feel.

Table of contents:

  1. sprinkle talcum powder in chafing prone areas
  2. remove wet clothes as soon as possible
  3. avoid wearing cotton when you exercise
  4. try a lubricant in areas that tend to chafe
  5. use a cooling gel designed specifically for chafing
  6. put a pair of shorts on under dresses and skirts
  7. wear bandelettes under your clothing

1 Sprinkle Talcum Powder in Chafing Prone Areas

Wetness makes chafing much worse so keeping those areas dry is your best bet for relief. Experts recommend applying talcum powder to areas that tend to chafe. This might be your behind, groin, armpits or thighs. The powder helps soak up moisture and keep things from rubbing you the wrong way. Alum powder works much the same way.

2 Remove Wet Clothes as Soon as Possible

This includes when you sweat, when you swim or you get ambushed with water balloons by your kids. Again, wetness makes chafing worse and when your clothes are stuck to your body, they are more likely to rub and cause the problem. Get into dry clothes right away and you won’t even have to deal with chafing.

3 Avoid Wearing Cotton when You Exercise

Cotton fabrics hold on to moisture, making chafing more of an issue. If you are exercising or know you’re going to be hot and sweaty, avoid cotton clothing and look for synthetic fibers that wick away wetness instead. Compression clothing is a good choice, say the experts.

4 Try a Lubricant in Areas That Tend to Chafe

Much like powders, a lubricant keeps things from rubbing the wrong way. Petroleum jelly is a good choice. Even if you do have body parts or clothing rubbing against each other, the lubricant will keep them from chafing the area. You may have to reapply the lubricant several times during the day.

5 Use a Cooling Gel Designed Specifically for Chafing

This handy product was created by a woman who was sick and tired of her thighs being chafed. It works much like petroleum jelly, but is lighter weight and blends into the skin better. All you have to do is rub into the area that chafes and you’re all set. It’s perfect for thighs, but also works for armpits and your bikini area.

6 Put a Pair of Shorts on under Dresses and Skirts

If your thighs tend to chafe more when there isn’t any fabric separating them, consider wearing bike shorts beneath. They hug the skin so they aren’t too noticeable and they create that barrier you need to keep chafing at bay. As an added bonus – you won’t have to worry about flashing anyone when you dress up.

7 Wear Bandelettes under Your Clothing

This is another product designed for thigh chafing. They look like lacy little garters so you won’t have to be embarrassed if they peek out from underneath your skirt. You can get them in several colors and wearing them is as easy as sliding them up on your thighs where you tend to chafe.

Do you struggle with chafing? What other tips can you add?

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