7 Ways to Cool Your Skin down in the Summer Heat ...


7 Ways to Cool Your Skin down in the Summer Heat ...
7 Ways to Cool Your Skin down in the Summer Heat ...

You might be seeing back to school sales and fall stuff on store shelves, but we still have a bit of summer ahead of us. That means soaring temperatures and feeling hot, hot, hot. You don’t have to suffer with being overheated though. Sometimes just cooling off a bit of your skin is enough to take things down a notch. Need some help? I did too. Here are some really wonderful ways to cool your skin so that you can bask in what’s left of the summer without being miserable.

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Slide a Cooling Mask over Your Eyes

You’d be surprised at how quickly you can cool down by putting something cold on your face. This also helps fight puffy eyes. Instead of using cold spoons (though that works really well), try a cooling mask. You can find them at places like Sephora. Pop it in the fridge and you can wear it anytime you need a cool down.


Use a Minty Lip Balm

Mint is super refreshing and it can really cool you down when you put it on your lips. I know it doesn’t sound possible, but having a cool hit of mintiness on your lips can bring down your entire body temp. Or at least help you feel cooler. Minty lip balms are super easy to find so stock up and the rest of the summer will be cool as can be.


Massage a Refreshing Gel into Your Muscles

Summertime is hot as it is, but when you exercise, things get much worse. Once your workout is complete, massage a refreshing gel into your body. Not only will it help with achy muscles, but it also cools you down instantly. Most gels contain menthol, camphor, or a combination of both, which is why they work to cool you off.


Wash Your Hair with Minty Shampoo

Much like minty lip balm, massaging minty shampoo into your hair helps cool your whole body. Have you ever noticed that when your head is really hot, the rest of you is too? By cooling your head, you can cool the rest of your body at the same time. Look for minty shampoos at any drugstore or supermarket. They’re pretty easy to find.


Try Deodorant Wipes Instead of the Stick or Spray

When you get hot and sweaty, traditional deodorants can get clumpy and gross in your armpits. Skip them and try deodorant wipes instead. Not only do the wipes remove any lingering sweat and odor, but they prevent further sweating and leave a refreshing scent behind. You’ll feel cooler and fresher with every swipe of the wipe.


Spritz on Some Refreshing Body Mist

I love a good body mist because they are so cooling, but they smell great too. The spray cools your body and leaves you looking summery and glowing at the same time. Look for sprays that contain mint, coconut, lime, grapefruit, cucumber or aloe because they are super cooling and refreshing.


Use a Cooling Facial Mask to Clean Your Skin and Cool down at the Same Time

Look for a cold mask and you’ll be cool before you know it. The great thing about a facial mask is that it helps clear your pores, softens skins and leaves you radiant and fresh. When it’s the dead of summer and you can’t stand the heat, a cold mask doubles up the benefits by making you feel instantly cooler.

How do you cool your skin during the summer? Which of these methods are you going to try today?

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An ice cube all over my face to clean pores and cool me down

I love Pacifica's deodorant wipes!

Your ideas are great too thank you so much

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