7 Skincare Musts if You Want to Have Amazing Skin This Summer ...

Summer is so close! Can you feel it? The weather is getting warm and the nights are getting longer. Naturally, when summer gets here, you spend more time outdoors and less time covered up with leggings and sweaters. That means you want your skin in tip top shape this year, right? Start right now and keep with it all summer long and you’ll always have the skin you crave.

1. Wear Sunscreen with at Least SPF 30

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It’s not good enough to slather on sunscreen that’s any lower than SPF 30. Most dermatologists suggest going even a bit higher if you have fair skin or are prone to burns. When you get a sunburn, the damage can alter your cellular structure, which can result in skin cancer. Anytime you plan to be outdoors, you need to wear SPF 30 and reapply it every couple of hours.

2. Rub in Some Moisturizer Every Single Day

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The summer is great, but the hot temperatures and dry air can really suck the moisture out of your skin. That means you might wind up sporting flaky, scaly skin when you slide into your new bikini. Avoid that by making sure you apply moisturizer to your entire body every day. The best time to do so is right after your shower. Apply again throughout the day if you want to, for extra protection.

3. Choose Fake Tanner over the Tanning Salon

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Bottom line: tanning beds are just as dangerous as suntans and can dramatically increase your risk of skin cancer. Not to mention that they age your skin and can leave you looking wrinkly and leathery. Not pretty, right? If you must be tan, use a self-tanning product that you simply rub into your skin.

4. Switch to Lighter Weight Skincare Products

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Many girls find that their cold weather skincare products are simply too heavy for summer time use. When the mercury rises, it’s a good idea to use lighter weight formulas of your creams and lotions so that you don’t weigh your skin down when it’s not needed. Talk to your dermatologist about ideal summer products for your skin type.

5. Buy Lipstick with a Built in SPF

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Your lips are skin too, so you must pay attention to them just like the rest of your body. Now that you’ll be basking in the summer sun, you should definitely be buying lipstick that contains SPF. This protects your skin from sun damage without requiring you to give up your favorite shade of bombshell red.

6. Eat Watermelon, Cucumber and Berries

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Why? Because these foods have a high water content, which your skin needs to stay looking and feeling healthy. These foods are also high in other nutrients that your skin needs to stay radiant. They’re all in season during the summer months, meaning they are easy to find and super affordable.

7. Exfoliate in the Shower Every Day

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The evidence is mixed regarding whether daily exfoliation is a good idea or not. Experts say that during the summer, a daily exfoliation treatment sloughs off toxins, germs and excess skin cells that tend to occur when your skin is out in the open. Most girls can get away with this, but if you have very sensitive skin or a skin condition like eczema, you may need to cut back to once a week or so.

Pull out your summer shorts because you are going to be ready now. Which of these tips are you planning to incorporate into your routine today?

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