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Golden skin tones never go out of fashion, and many women like to look all year round as though they've just come back from vacation. But tanning in the sun is not a very safe way of getting a tanned look, and tanning beds can have other dangers beside skin damage and cancer (source: So how can you get a tanned look without risking your health? Here's how …

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Instant Tan

For a quick, short-term effect use an instant tan. There are tons of different brands on the market to suit all budgets. They come in different formulations, such as mousse and gel - use whichever you find easiest to apply (mousse will be easiest for large areas such as legs). Instant tans can often be washed off, so are ideal if you just want a golden look for a night out.


Self Tan

Self tan is a little more fiddly as it needs to be left for several hours to 'set'. However, it should last longer. Do remember to be careful that it doesn't rub off on clothes or furnishings while developing. Try self-tan if you've got time on your hands; repeat the application regularly to maintain your golden glow.


Gradual Tan

These are lotions that have a cumulative effect; although you won't get a really dark tan with them, they'll give you a subtle sun-kissed glow. The advantage of gradual tan lotions is that they often have a very moisturising effect, so are perfect if you have dry skin and need to use a body lotion as well.



If you just want a tanned look on your face, go for bronzer. But do be sure not to apply too much, or your face will look like it doesn't belong to your body! Bronzer is easy to apply, and much quicker than using fake tan. Apply it to the areas that would naturally catch the sun, like your cheekbones and along your jawline.



Yes, apparently you can use coffee to give yourself a tanned look. You'll need to brew a very strong pot of coffee, and when it's cooled add to unscented body lotion. If it works (come back and tell me if it does!), it probably won't last beyond your next shower. But it's got to be safer than using a tanning bed or baking in the sun!


Spray Tan

For a really professional look, get a spray tan. It may not be a cheap option, but it's the best way of covering your entire body (it's hard to apply fake tan yourself and get it completely even!). A spray tan will last about a week, so is ideal if you're going on vacation and don't want to look too pale when you arrive (do be cautious if you sunbathe though - don't overdo it and USE PROTECTION)



Finally, before using any of these fake tan methods you'll need to prepare your body. It should be exfoliated first, or the dead skin cells will stop the tan taking properly. You should also shave your legs the day before, to avoid any sensitive reaction. And avoid going swimming, as the chlorine in swimming pools will make your tan fade faster.

Remember that any fake tan won't protect your skin against the sun, so use the usual precautions of covering up and using an SPF. Do you think we should all just be happy with our skin tone?

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Personally, I think pale skin is underrated. It's gorgeous! And for some people, a tan doesn't look great. I have pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes, and think I would look awful with darker skin

This article isn't advocating to go sit in the sun. All of these are great alternatives to get a bronzed look the healthy way with zero chance of cancer. I am a darker skin tone and still had a cancerous mole so I had to change my lifestyle and wear sunscreen year round. But I love to spray tan, and yes I agree some people look better with pale skin

Wow greatI like a tanned skin....but the sun is just not good.....thanks Martoug, going to try the coco powder one ...most instant tan sprays have a orange out come .

Having had skin cancer treated on my arm and have a scar to prove it, I sit in the shade or wear long sleeves,maxi skirts or pants,. No tan is worth risking getting it again !

Palmer's Gradual Tanning Lotion ❤️ you're welcome, Ladies.

I was born with a tan! Lol #melaninpoppin

Τhe best DIY self tanner i've ever made was when i mixed cocoa powder with my body lotion (doesn't matter if it is scented).I cannot even tell u how gorgeous the color came out.No orange tone at all.Only coffee tones.The only problem is that u should b careful not to overdo it with the cocoa bcause if u do,then it necomes very difficult to apply the cream.Just try it;-)

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