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7 Amazing Ways to Get Radiant Skin for Summer ...

By Jessica

Discover the different ways to get radiant skin for summer and you'll be feeling confident and looking your best in no time! Summer time means swimsuits, shorts, and sun dresses - all requiring us to bare a lot of skin. Beauty comes from the inside out and what better way to show your beautiful soul than to have beautiful, glowing skin? Here are 7 amazing ways to get radiant skin for summer!

1 Hydrate

The absolute best of all the ways to get radiant skin is to drink plenty of water! When you're dehydrated, you loose moisture and elasticity. Combat this by staying hydrated which replenishes and improves your skin cells!

2 Diet

A good diet full of fruits and veggies, beans and lean meats, supplies your body with the proper vitamins and minerals needed for healthy organ function. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and for it to be healthy and efficient in protection, elasticity and absorption, it must be nourished with the proper nutrients!

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3 Exfoliate

Exfoliation brings heat and increased blood circulation to the skin. This also means reducing the appearance if cellulite, which is fat deposits underneath the skin. It also sheds dead skin cells, revealing smooth, soft and younger looking skin. Experiment with different salt and sugar scrubs filled with essential oils and you'll be on your way to more beautiful, radiant skin!

4 Moisturize

Well moisturized skin makes a world of difference in its glowy appearance! Lotion smooths out any dryness giving it an even, supple look. For extra dry skin, try deep moisturizers like a body butter that contains vitamin E and Shea, and jojoba oil. For everyday use, a fresh, lightweight lotion is perfect.

5 Sun Exposure

If you have very fair skin (think red hair and lots of freckles) sun exposure without sunblock can be extremely damaging to your skin. For those who are more olive toned and don't burn easily, 15-20 min of sun exposure without sunblock is great for both taking in vitamin D and getting a little bronzed. Make sure to apply sunblock of at least SPF 30 after 15 min to prevent sunburn and skin damage. Too much sun exposure, even if you're not burning, can prematurely age your skin and dry it out! So, take precautions when soaking up sun rays!

6 Sunblock

As mentioned above, sunblock is essential for achieving youthful, radiant skin for years to come. It not only protects you from skin cancer, it keeps you skin from getting sun spots and drying out which depletes the elasticity in your skin. Take extra special care of your face and neck because those are the most sensitive areas and are also the areas that show sun damage the most! Also, sunblock is not to be confused with sunscreen. Sunscreen only acts as a "screen" and does allows some harmful UVB/UV rays to penetrate the skin!

7 Self-Tanners

Self-tanners or spray tans are an instant way to achieve glowing and bronzed summer skin without damaging it from the sun! There are so many great products out there that do not look fake and last for 1-7 days! There's also a wide variety of tanners, like gradual tanners, spray on tans, and sprays that literally wash off with water! Find your perfect one and you'll have radiant, summer skin instantly!

I absolutely love summer and warm weather! Swimming, hiking, going to the beach, having a picnic in the park- these are all lovely summer activities. I also love tanned skin and natural, sun-kissed highlights that totally show you've been enjoying some sun-love. With the tips above, it's easy to achieve that summer glow we all love! What are your favorite ways to get radiant skin for summer? Any products you swear by?

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