7 Tricks to Dealing with Ingrown Hairs for Smoother Skin ...

By Alicia

7 Tricks to Dealing with Ingrown Hairs for Smoother Skin ...

Dealing with ingrown hairs is terrible. They have an unattractive appearance and can be very difficult to clear up. Many times, they become a chronic skin condition which is something you definitely do not want. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to prevent that from happening. Keep these tips in mind when dealing with ingrown hairs.

1 Shave in the Correct Direction

You need to be sure to shave in the correct direction when dealing with ingrown hairs. This means you shave in the direction that the hair is growing. You will be using downward strokes which can feel a little awkward until you get used to it. Most of us were taught to shave upward but that is wrong. Shaving in the direction the hair is growing makes the hair less likely to curl back into itself, which is the cause of ingrown hair.

2 Use a Shaving Gel

Don’t shave with water only, ladies. And don’t even think of a dry shave - I don’t care how short you are on time. Soap won’t make the cut, either. What you need is a good quality shave gel. Shave gel softens the hair so it is easier for the razor to cut, as well as providing a smooth surface for the razor to glide across.

3 Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to rid your skin of dry skin that can contribute to ingrown hairs. You can exfoliate by several different means. You can use a loofah with a regular body wash, an exfoliating body wash or a body scrub. A body scrub is usually the best method for exfoliation but it is also the roughest. If body scrub irritates your skin, stick to the other exfoliation methods. Exfoliation also gives you very smooth skin.

4 Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis will help you to prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Skin that has sufficient moisture can help coax the ingrown hairs back out into the open. It will also soothe the irritation the ingrown hairs are causing. The brand of moisturizer doesn’t really matter as long as it works well for you. Choose a scent you enjoy so you will be more likely to use it faithfully.

5 Treat with Acne Medication

Sounds like it wouldn’t work, doesn’t it? But it does. It takes down the swelling and calms the irritation of the pimple-like areas that surround an ingrown hair. Be sure to use the acne medication at a different time of day than you use your moisturizer. Using them both at the same time means one will cancel out the benefits of the other.

6 Try Glytone Products

Glytone products are something I have fallen in love with. The Glytone skin care line has so many different products you can chose from but my favorite is the mild cream wash. This product is recommended for ingrown hair treatment and prevention. It is a deep cleanser that also exfoliates because of its acidic properties. This product can be harsh for your skin, especially if it is sensitive, so be sure to check with your physician before trying it.

7 Leave Them Alone

As tempting as it is to grab a pair of tweezers and attempt to remove the ingrown hair, it is really better to leave them alone. In time, almost all ingrown hairs will work themselves out. If you feel you absolutely must use those tweezers, do not pull the hair all the way out. This makes the ingrown hair much more likely to become ingrown again. Instead, free it from the skin it has grown back into and let it be removed by your next shave.

Ingrown hairs can be difficult to clear up but it is possible with time and the correct treatment. Have you ever dealt with this unpleasant skin condition? What remedies worked best for you?

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