7 Tips on Shaving Your Bikini Area ...


7 Tips on Shaving Your Bikini Area ...
7 Tips on Shaving Your Bikini Area ...

It’s getting to be that time once again; swimsuit season. I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life that I’m fine with putting on a pair of shorts to go to the lake, but I do remember the days of fretting over a smooth bikini line. The following 7 tips on shaving your bikini area work whether you are a regular when it comes to shaving your bikini line or just the occasional bikini area groomer.

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Use New Razor Blades

Depending on what type of razor you have, sometimes the blades are an expense you try to keep from having. I know I try to squeeze as many shaves as possible out of every single blade. If you even suspect that you might be getting close to needing a new blade, I’d at least change it to shave your bikini line. There’s nothing better than a brand new razor or razor blade to ensure a close and clean shave.


Don’t Use Bar Soap to Shave with

Bar soap tends to dry out most peoples’ skin which can cause a freshly shorn bikini line to break out in bumps. If I don’t have any shaving cream on hand, I will use hair conditioner. It provides enough moisture to make the hair softer and my skin has a nice coat of moisturizer afterwards as well. As far as I can tell, using bar soap is the second big no-no of what to use when shaving the bikini area.


Shave towards the End of a Nice Warm Shower

If you wait until you’re nearly finished with your warm shower, the hair along the bikini line should be much easer to remove than when you first hopped in the shower. You’ll be less likely to create razor bumps along your skin and you should get a closer shave too.


Put Your Bikini Bottoms on before Shaving

I like to take the guess work out of shaving my bikini area. When I put on my bikini or swimsuit bottoms before shaving, I get a much better idea of just how much I need to be shaving off. I think this is much easier than assuming I’ve shaved as much as I need to. It’s frustrating to put on your swimsuit and realize at the last minute that you didn’t even come close to your actual bikini line!


Don’t Shave if You Have Signs of Razor Burn Already

Your skin can only take so much. Shaving skin that is showing signs of irritation is only going to make things worse. You are more than likely going to end up with bloody sores on your bikini line, rather than a nicely shorn area. Sometimes you simply have to give it a rest and wear a cute wrap to the beach for a day or two instead of shaving.


Shave with Even Strokes

The bikini area is where skin is more sensitive than other areas, so be gentle when shaving. Use long slow motions to remove hair with your razor. Quickly raking the razor blade across your tender skin is a good way to miss hairs and to get razor burn.


Apply Powder after Shaving during the Summer

It’s generally hot outside when you decide to head to the beach, pool, or lake, so chances are good that you will end up sweating along your bikini line before you actually make it to the water. Applying a fine coat of baby powder that is mostly or all cornstarch will keep the freshly shaved area dry and eliminate that chance of a heat rash forming.

These 7 tips on shaving your bikini area should help you to get a close shave without difficulty. What tricks do you use to ensure yourself a close shave along the bikini line?

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