7 Things That Could Damage Your Beautiful and Glowing Skin ...


Oh the trouble we go through to make our skin look lovely! Of course it all sums up to nothing if you don't protect it from the following damaging factors. Thank you guest contributor Rania for sharing these!

Every woman loves to have healthy and glowing skin and you are no exception. But there are a few things that could damage your skin in ways you cannot imagine. What are these things? Read on to find out:

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Taking a relaxing swim in the pool during the summer is the perfect way to beat the heat. But it is not the best one for your skin. Chlorine is an essential pool cleaning ingredient. This can dry your skin by stripping off its moisture and cause it to age. Chlorine tends to settle on your skin even after you take a good shower. So make sure to use a good body wash with creamy foam and a loofah to flush away the chlorine.


Sleeping with Makeup on

If you find an outbreak of pimples or rashes on your face, one reason could be leaving your makeup on overnight. Makeup can clog the pores on your skin and prevent the sebum glands from breathing, leading to acne and pimples. Makeup can leave smudges on your pillows, which will lead to accumulation of bacteria. When you use that pillow repeatedly, it could lead to bacterial infection on your skin’s surface.


Steaming Cup of Coffee

Though a cup of coffee while you are feeling low will rejuvenate your senses, the caffeine in it will prevent your skin from looking young. Say goodbye to wrinkles by ditching the coffee and substitute with green tea, lots of fresh juices and water. You can also try mixing two different juices for an interesting combo. If you must have coffee, restrict yourself to only two cups per day.


Popping Your Pimples

You might be tempted to pop a pimple on your face but the damage it will cause on your skin is simply not worth it. When you pop a pimple, it will push dirt and bacteria deep into the skin pores which could cause an outbreak of pimples and leave marks on your skin. So, the next time you spot a pimple, restrain yourself from popping it.


Steamy Issues

If you are a spa lover and cannot do without the sauna, then this is bad news for you! Minimize the time you spend at the sauna because frequent spa treatments can make your skin sag as it weakens the elasticity and the collagen present in the skin.


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning usually involves harsh chemicals that are toxic in nature. This can irritate and harm your skin. Remove the clothes from the plastic cover as soon as you get it and try to stick to natural detergents.


Mobile Phone Affair

Most of us spend long hours on our cell phones blissfully unaware that this can result into acne breakouts. This change can be clearly seen on the side which the person uses for talking on the phone. The bacteria that builds up on the mobile phone is responsible for these breakouts. So clean your phone as often as possible and use a hands-free.

Which every day things do you think cause your skin the most problems?

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Argh, I'm a competitive swimmer so I can't get away from chlorine! But although it's drying, it clears up my face a lot because it actually is a hardcore cleanser.

what about not wearing sun protection that causes pre mature WRINKLES..not to mention sun damage.

Hmmm what about a dry sauna

I think the food I eat are really a problem for my skin. I have a big sweet tooth and tend to eat a lot of diary an fruit. Those kinds of foods can be good for your skin, but eating too much of it causes some problems like inflammation and getting zits from all the sugars in them.

@Kendra, that is actually so true! I'm also a swimmer and the only thing that damages my skin is the swim cap on my forehead...

Dry cleaning? Interesting

Also when you keep touching your face repeatedly

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