7 Worst Foods for Your Skin to Avoid like the Plague ...

Our skin is a reflection of our overall health, so it makes sense that there are such things as the worst foods for your skin. While there are lot of factors that contribute to the way our skin looks, consuming too much of the wrong type of foods can definitely contribute to skin problems like acne or unhealthy looking skin. If you think your diet might be affecting your complexion, take a look at the seven worst foods for your skin.

1. Salt

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I had a feeling salt was going to be one of the worst foods for your skin, I just didn’t want to believe it. Eating too much salt doesn’t just result in adverse effects on your skin, it can also cause hypertension, water retention and dehydration. The reason why salt is bad for our skin is because it can cause tissue to swell which can make us appear puffy. Too much salt in our diet has actually been found to aggravate acne according to esthetician Sinead Norenius.

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