7 Bad Skin Habits That You Need to Stop ...


7 Bad Skin Habits That You Need to Stop ...
7 Bad Skin Habits That You Need to Stop ...

There are so many reasons to protect your skin, but many of us are stuck engaging in some pretty bad habits, which actually cause a lot of damage to our skin. I can't force anyone to break their bad habits, but I can share some ways to break these bad skin habits and leave you with healthy beautiful skin. Here are just a few...

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Not Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing off dead skin cells to reveal and expose "younger" fresher skin. Not exfoliating your skin can leave you skin looking dry and dull. Exfoliation will help keep your skin clean and can help reduce body acne. Not to mention exfoliating your skin will help keep your skin silky soft and smooth!


Not Getting Enough Sleep

I understand how hard it can be to get enough sleep every night, I really do, but getting plenty of beauty rest will help keep your skin looking fabulous. Not only is getting enough sleep necessary for your overall health, but sleep offers your skin a chance to restore its natural balance leaving it looking hydrated and supple. So next time instead of staying up late, go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier.


You Only Moisturize when Your Skin Feels Dry

No matter if your skin is dry or not, always apply a moisturizer to your face and body. Moisturizers do more than just hydrate your skin. They help repair your skin's barrier so that the heat or cold doesn’t as easily irritate it. Look for a moisturizer with sunscreen included for an extra layer of protection. I highly recommend applying your moisturizer right after you get out of the shower; giving you a daily glow!


You Forget to Remove Your Make-up

Your mother was right every time she told you to wash your face and remove your make-up before you go to sleep. Washing your face will help minimize the look of large pores, remove dirt and oil, and dead skin cells. Removing your make-up will help avoid clogging your pores or getting an allergic reaction from your eye make-up. If you want to avoid acne or an eye infection, which I am sure we all do, make sure to keep your face squeaky clean!


You Forget to Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Don't forget to eat your fruits and vegetables! Research has shown that a certain compound found in fruits and vegetables may make your skin more beautiful. Yummy oranges, blueberries, tomatoes, melons, broccoli, and carrots are high in vitamin C or A, which are major players in helping you get that pretty glow while also building healthy skin cells. Next time your feeling hungry reach for an orange or carrots and hummus; your skin will thank you.


Skipping the Gym

Along with lifting your mood, working out increases blood flow to the skin, giving you a healthy-looking flush. Exercise has been shown to lower your cortisol levels thus lowering your stress levels, which can help keep your skin shining. Not only will your muscles benefit from the time you spend at the gym, but also so will your skin.


You Go to the Tanning Bed

Yes, you may love that summer time glow year round, but down the road 20 years from now you will regret it. Tanning beds cause skin blemishes, premature skin aging, and the most serious side affect of tanning is the increased risk of skin cancer. There are plenty of sunless tanners out there that can help you achieve that same fabulous summer glow year-round. Besides, healthier skin is so much more attractive than getting skin cancer. This is the worst of the bad skin habits to break!

Which of these bad skin habits do you do on a regular basis and how are you trying to combat them? Do tell!

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Also! Touching your face all the time is a habit I have! It makes me break out like crazy!

It helps me a lot! :-) Cheers to this site! ~Anna

me tooo!!!

"apply your moisturizer right after you get out of shower" this means no need to use cleaser after bathing ?

Although I don't tan, nor do I go to a tanning bed, forgetting that sunscreen is an awful habit I have. I'm a fair-skinned redhead, and I can get a sunburn in five minutes. Indoors. ♥

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