8 Easy Ways to Avoid Premature Aging ...


8 Easy Ways to Avoid Premature Aging ...
8 Easy Ways to Avoid Premature Aging ...

Premature aging is something we all want to avoid, don't we? Sure, we have to grow old eventually, and it's impossible to escape the visible signs altogether, but you can do something about premature aging. Be smart, and you'll look good as long as possible. Here are 8 easy ways to avoid premature aging.

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No Smoking

I've mentioned this in so many articles, but smoking is guaranteed to cause premature aging of the skin. It still shocks me how many people I see smoking - including young women. It's so well known now that smoking is dangerous for your health, yet people still ignore that. It also ages you. Girls, smoking is not cool - quit now, or don't start in the first place.


Smart Sun

If you want to avoid premature aging, then being sensible in the sun is the other most important thing you can do (plus it's obviously smart on health grounds). I'm not a sun worshipper, and I have hardly any lines at 43. Be very sensible when it comes to sun exposure - wear a hat, use sunscreen, and limit your time in the sun.


Good Diet

Your skin is an organ, and it needs feeding. Following a good diet is important when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance. Check out which foods nourish your skin, and don't consume too much sugar in your diet. Fruit and vegetables, oily fish and nuts are just some of the foods that help your skin stay young.


Avoid Frowning

This can be easier said than done - often we don't even realise that we're frowning. But the appearance of those little lines between the eyebrows, and the larger ones on the forehead, can really make us feel and look older. So try not to frown - yes, you will get lines eventually (and who wants that frozen Botox face?), but you can ward them off for longer.


Facial Massage

Gentle facial massage is very beneficial to relaxing the facial muscles. When you apply moisturiser, massage it in gently, but always remember to apply in upward strokes, never downwards. Some people swear by facial exercises to avoid premature aging; there are books and videos that can teach you how to do these exercises.


Stress Reduction

Stress is an enemy of the skin. As I've mentioned before, it's an organ, so it's logical that stress shows on your skin, and it can age you prematurely. Try to limit the amount of stress in your life, and if you can't avoid it, look for ways of coping and minimising the effect on you. Diet, relaxation and exercise all help.



Hydration is an important factor in maintaining youthful skin; keep it moisturised externally and internally. A lot of people don't like water, but it's the best way of keeping hydrated. Dry skin does not look good, and is prone to getting wrinkled more easily. So get used to drinking enough water every day - moisturise your skin both inside and out!


Shun Sunbeds

Oh boy. If I live to be a hundred (looking very youthful, hopefully), I will never understand why people risk their health by using sunbeds. They're no good for keeping you looking young, either. There is no such thing as a safe tan. Sunbeds will age you just as much as excessive sun exposure will. Stay away - use fake tan instead, or learn to love your natural colour.

Premature aging really is daft - why look older than you need to? Having good genes helps, but there are plenty of things that you can do to keep a youthful appearance without resorting to surgery and other cosmetic enhancements. Have you picked up any great tips for avoiding premature aging from your mum or gran?

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i'm 15 and have had frown lines since 3rd grade. :/

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