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Finding tips for banishing wrinkles that actually work is very difficult and can be extremely time consuming, right girlies? If you’ve been scouring everywhere, looking for tips for banishing wrinkles, I’ve got some of the best ones for you to take a look at. Have you ever thought about getting a facial massage? What about using jojoba oil? These are just a couple of the tips that I’ve got lined up below.

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Use Jojoba Oil

When you are really trying to take care of your skin and looking for tips for banishing wrinkles, you should take a look at investing in Jojoba oil. This oil is seriously amazing girlies. Not only does this oil improve your skin’s tissue, but it leaves your skin oh-so-soft and it’ll be wrinkle-free. How cool is that?



Did you know that avocado is something that can help plump up your skin? It actually contains a lot of great fats and overall, it’s great for your health. Why not try adding it to your next salad or try making a mask out of it and putting it on your face? These are a couple surefire ways to get rid of those wrinkles.


Sun Protection

I can’t stress this enough girls; you’ve got to protect your skin from the sun. A lot of the time, even if you are just going outside for a couple hours, you won’t protect your skin. Throw on a little sunscreen and it’ll go a really long way! I also use a lot of SPF infused makeup products so that I know that I am covered, even if I don’t slip into sunscreen.


Scale Back on Drinking

Cocktails may taste good, but the more you drink, the worse it is for your skin and the worse those wrinkles are going to be. I’m definitely not saying you should stop drinking, but why not scale back a bit on those delish cocktails and instead, drink up a ton of water. Water will honestly plump your skin up and overall, it’s great for your body to be rehydrated.


Facial Scrubs

A lot of girls overlook that they need to exfoliate their skin in order to generate new cells and not to clog up their pores – ladies, you’ve got to use facial scrubs at least once a week. I make my own with a bit of honey, some lemon juice and finally some sugar. It’s a quick scrub that I love to make and that I love to use once a week!


Coconut Oil, Carrot Juice & Beet Juice Facial

If you really want to give your skin a makeover, why not go with a bit of coconut oil, some carrot juice and finally some beet juice? This combination will bring your skin back to life and will really help smooth out any of those wrinkles that you are constantly seeing. Girls, this is the way to go if you want skin that is oh-so-beautiful!


Facial Massage

How often do you get a facial massage? Probably not enough right? You can do it yourself! Just massage your cheeks, chin, forehead and even your temples in circular motions and it’ll really get the blood flowing beautifully and will make sure that your skin stays plump.


Egg Whites

They're good for more than just an omelet! Simply whisk a couple of egg whites until they're frothy then massage the mixture under your eyes and leave it there for a half an hour. Rinse with cold water. Just try and walk away from the mirror - you'll look so great, it's going to be hard.


Quit Smoking

The repetitive motions involved with smoking can deepen fine lines on your face, especially around your mouth. And the chemicals in those cancer sticks also contribute to quicker aging and can damage your skin. Plus, cigarettes can be deadly. Ask your doctor for help if you have trouble quitting on your own.


Sleep on Your Back

Sleep on its own is vital for youthful skin that isn't all wrinkly. But sleeping on your face also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. That's because your face is mushed up against your pillow, which causes creases in the same places each time you sleep. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible to counteract this.


Eat Healthy

There's nothing better for your skin than eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Include plenty of variety from each food group to cover all your vitamin and mineral needs. Of particular benefit for your skin is salmon, soy, coffee, fruits and vegetables.



Facial exercises are benefical, but a regular workout schedule in general also works. Exercise boosts your mood and improves muscle tone, both of which can help mask wrinkles and give your skin a fresher appearance. Yoga is especially beneficial as it induces feelings of calm, which can keep you from frowning, another contributor to wrinkles.



Even facial creams that don't have weird ingredients or that you didn't whip up in your kitchen can be beneficial for banishing wrinkles. Moisturized skin looks healthy and helps disguise fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging products have their place, but a simple moisturizer works too.

So ladies, now you know a few different ways to banish those wrinkles. What methods do you currently use? Any that I haven't listed here? Give ‘em up!

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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I refuse to go to bed with make up on, that will surely create an undesirable wrinkle.

Josette do you just use pure rosehip oil or mixed with something in.

The coconut oil with carrot and beet juice sounds rather like a drink my grandma used to make for us, I don't trust myself not to eat it. Yum

Love making my own products, will the facial scrub keep in the fridge for a while if I make too much or will the sugar dissolve?

Rosehip oil is brilliant; I don\'t have a lot of wrinkles (yet!) but have recently started using this and it\'s lovely and nourishing.

Be careful with the beet juice scrub!!!!!! Beet juice is bright red and stains skin!!!!!


Love making my own products, the facial scrub sounds really good, will it keep in the fridge for a while if I make too much?

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