7 Brand New Ways to anti-Age Your Skin ...

Eliza Martinez

7 Brand New Ways to anti-Age Your Skin ...

No doubt you’ve heard all the advice and ways there are to anti-age your skin. At the same time, you’re probably wondering if there could possibly be anything new to hear. Fortunately for everyone, new and better research is always being done to discover the best ways to keep your skin looking young and fresh. If you stick with the news, you’ll never be left wondering how to anti-age your skin. Here are some brand new ways you can anti-age your skin. Get ready to look radiant and way younger than you are.

1 Reduce Calorie Intake

Eating too many calories has more impact on your looks than just making you gain weight. Though the two are related. If you’re overweight, it stretches your skin. When you slim back down, it can leave your skin looking saggy, which often makes you look wrinkly. You’ve known all along that taking in too many calories isn’t healthy, but this is another reason to keep things under control.

2 Switch Facial Scrubs

Remember that apricot scrub you used to use? Turns out these rough scrubs aren’t as great as they once were. New information proves that using them causes microscopic tears in your delicate facial skin, which ups the risk of bacteria or germ exposure, which can cause breakouts or infections. According to the experts, this can lead to inflammation that negatively affects the collagen and elastin in your skin, which speeds the aging process. Instead try a gentle scrub with beads rather than grit.

3 Start Riding a Bike

I recently started going on long bike rides with my kids, who are now old enough to keep up. Imagine my delight when I found out that researchers at the University of Ontario recently reported findings that show biking helps preserve the inner layers of skin that start to sag and wear out as we age. At the same time, biking also appears to help keep skin looking smooth and healthy. The researchers say that just two 30 minute rides per week, at a vigorous pace is enough to get the job done.

4 Lay off the Screen Time

A new study shows that spending too much time with your smartphone or tablet can speed up the aging process. Among the aging consequences of screen time are sagging, wrinkles, loose skin and a double chin. No one wants to deal with that, right? This happens when you look down at your tablet or phone all the time. For the sake of your face, put it down and do something else for a while.

5 Eat Frozen

Fruits and vegetables, that is. Because frozen produce is packed at the peak of ripeness, there are more available nutrients when you eat them. Even though you can pick up a wide range of fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store, they have often spent days on a truck getting there, which means that some of the vitamins and minerals have disappeared. Doctors suggest looking for locally grown produce. If you can’t find that, rely on frozen when you can. This allows your skin and body to reap the anti-aging benefits that fruits and vegetables offer, including vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants.

6 Take an Antihistamine

I’m not one to pop pills when I don’t need them, but new research might just change my mind. According to experts at Georgetown University Medical Center, taking an antihistamine before bed every night reduces inflammation in the sinuses, which constricts blood vessels, helping combat those dreaded morning puffy eyes. Talk to your doctor before doing this.

7 Drink Coffee

OK, you probably already do this, but here’s more perks (pun intended) to doing so. A Japanese study discovered that drinking coffee with caffeine can help fight sun spots, which can definitely make you look older. Sorry, decaf won’t work in this case. The antioxidants in coffee seem to repair UV damage to the skin and protect it from age related damage.

Surprised? I bet you thought you’d be reading all the same old info you’ve heard a million times. Which of these steps are you planning to start right away? Good luck – as for me, I’m off on a bike ride.