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7 Nasty Things You Should Never Put on Your Face ...

By Eliza

With so many skincare products out there, it is near impossible to be sure you are getting what you want and need. Until now. I have gathered a list of the top ingredients you should avoid ever putting on your face. Of course, finding the right products is still hard sometimes, but knowing what to avoid can help you narrow the list of things that will work for you. So, read labels carefully and be sure you don’t use anything that contains the following nasty things.

1 Propylene Glycol

The good news is that this item isn’t found in a ton of facial products, but it does appear in other cleansing products, such as shampoo. That means you should never wash your face with these items. This ingredient is fine for your hair, but some experts liken it to poison when it’s used on your facial skin. Use only a cleanser formulated for your face.

2 Parabens

Luckily, with the increased awareness of the dangers of parabens, many facial skincare companies are eliminating it from their formulas. Parabens can disrupt the endocrine system, causing all sorts of problems. As an ingredient, parabens are used to preserve facial skincare products. However, if you use your products within a reasonable time frame, you don’t need to worry about them spoiling.


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3 Fragrance

Most skincare products that contain fragrances will have a long list of chemical ingredients. These can cause skin irritation or allergy symptoms. Your best bet is to find fragrance and scent-free products because the amount of chemicals in them will be fewer, which means they are safer for use on the thin and delicate skin on your face.

4 Alcohol

If you read the labels on your facial creams and cleansers, you might see alcohol listed as an ingredient. It’s used to increase the effectiveness and absorption of other ingredients. While that might sound like a good thing, alcohol is very drying and can leave your skin parched, cracked and broken out. Look for natural skincare products because they will be effective, without the risks associated with alcohol added.

5 Petroleum

This ingredient might appear as petrolatum or mineral oil in the ingredients list of your products. You should keep it away from your face because experts say it can disrupt normal hormone function as well as blocking the pores. This means breakouts, but even worse, it means you’ll be trapping that icky stuff in your skin, giving it free reign to cause damage and blemishes.

6 Acrylamide

This doesn’t sound like something I want on my face. What about you? Sadly, this ingredient appears in many skincare products. However, research has shown that it is a possible carcinogen, which means it can cause cancer. That’s a good enough reason for me to avoid it. Read through the ingredients list on your products and never use one that contains acrylamide. Easy enough, right?

7 Dioxane

This ingredient is another one that is a possible carcinogen. It has long been known too, but some companies still sneak it into their products. It sometimes goes by other names so do your research about a new product to make sure you’re getting what you think you are. If you can’t find out whether a product contains dioxane or not, you should choose something else.

Did you know you should avoid these nasty ingredients? I hope this information helps you take even better care of your skin. Do you know of anything else that should be avoided?

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