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7 Things Cheap Jewelry Can do to Your Skin ...

By Eliza

I have plenty of costume jewelry because I don’t like to wear all my expensive stuff when I’m playing with my kids or doing chores, but I still like to look nice. However, as you probably know, cheap jewelry isn’t always the best choice for your skin. Many people are sensitive to some of the metals, which can cause issues that I know you don’t want to mess around with. Here are some things that the cheap stuff will do to your skin. Luckily, knowing this means you can take steps to keep it from happening.

1 Discoloration

You know how some jewelry turns your skin green? This happens for many reasons and can actually happen with jewelry that isn’t cheap sometimes too. Sometimes the metal reacts with the lotions or creams you put on your hand. Sometimes, your sweat causes the green color and in some cases, allergies can be the cause. Keeping your jewelry clean and putting a thin coat of clear polish on the part that touches your skin can help.

2 Pimples

You probably know that you can get pimples on places other than your face. Anytime your pores are clogged, you run the risk of a breakout. If you wear costume jewelry that is large in size and that sticks to your skin, you may wind up with clogged pores. Make sure you keep your jewelry clean and let your skin breathe as often as possible to reduce the risk.


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3 Rash

For people with sensitive skin, certain metals used to make cheap jewelry can cause a rash or skin irritation. That includes nickel and stainless steel. If you see a rash in the area that your jewelry touches, it’s probably the culprit. Unfortunately, most of the time that means not wearing the items that cause the problems. You might also talk to your doctor about a treatment for the rash that may allow you to continue wearing your favorite pieces.

4 Allergic Reaction

While an allergic reaction might cause a rash or bumps on your skin, it’s not the same issue as sensitivity. If you’re allergic to nickel or another metal used to make cheap jewelry, you will probably have to skip it because you don’t want to worry about the negative effects of a skin allergy. If you do suspect an allergy, it’s smart to talk to your doctor to ensure that you choose jewelry safely in the future.

5 Darker Skin

For some women, jewelry might change the color of their skin instead of just leaving behind a greenish tinge. While this is possible with expensive metals like gold, cheaper jewelry can also cause the problem. That includes plated metals. Experts say this is likely due to light, but can also be blamed on skin chemistry. While it might not be something you can stop, you can rest assured that it isn’t usually dangerous.

6 Redness

Sometimes, the materials used to make cheap jewelry won’t go so far as to cause a rash or breakout, but might leave your skin a bit red. This is due to inflammation and is probably just a milder reaction to the metals. If you can live with it, it’s probably not something you need to worry about.

7 Itching

You can probably blame itching on other things on this list, such as allergies or a rash. However, itching itself isn’t dangerous and with time, your body might get used to contact with the jewelry and the problem will go away. However, in some cases itching can indicate something else, so mention it to your doctor, just in case.

What problems do you have with wearing cheap jewelry? Do you have any tips or tricks for making the jewelry work despite these problems?

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