7 Signs That It's Time for You to See Your Dermatologist ...


7 Signs That It's Time for You to See Your Dermatologist ...
7 Signs That It's Time for You to See Your Dermatologist ...

A dermatologist should be on your speed dial and here’s why. A skin doctor is a valuable resource for helping you monitor the health of your skin so that you can recognize signs and symptoms that something might be wrong. You know that you should be making a yearly appointment for a full body skin check. However, there are some other issues that could indicate the need to give your dermatologist a call. Here they are.

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You Have a Mole That is New or Has Changed

Moles are a strong factor in your risk of melanoma. Most moles are completely normal and not a cause for concern, but sometimes they turn into a problem. Keep an eye on your own moles and if any of them change shape, size or color, you need to get in to see your skin doctor right away. Likewise, if you notice a new mole, it’s probably a good idea to have it checked out.


Unresponsive Dry Skin Merits an Appointment

Most people suffer from dry skin at one point or another during their lifetimes. Dry skin itself isn’t a problem unless it doesn’t respond to treatment. If you have some dry patches and the lotions and potions you’re using aren’t working, it pays to call your dermatologist. In some cases, these patches can indicate a problem that will need treatment.


Do You Have a Rash That Won’t Heal?

Like dry skin, a rash isn’t always a reason to rush to the dermatologist. However, if you are suffering from a rash that isn’t getting better or that gets worse, you probably want to give your dermatologist a call to see if you should come in. Sometimes, a rash needs treatment that is stronger than you can get over the counter.


Chronic Acne is a Warranted Reason

Most girls will get the occasional pimple or breakout, but if you suffer from the issue more often than not, you need an appointment. Not only can your dermatologist help you determine the cause of your acne, but she can also help you design a treatment plan that will help you get rid of it once and for all.


Do You Have an Itch You Can’t Get Rid of ?

Itchy skin usually isn’t a reason to freak out. However, sometimes certain things can lead to chronically itchy skin. If you have an itch that you can’t seem to get rid of, your dermatologist can help you get to the bottom of the issue. Sometimes it might be a certain medication or your kidneys could be malfunctioning. Figuring out the problem can usually relieve the symptoms.


A Brand New Sun Sensitivity Might Be an Issue

If you suddenly notice that your skin is more sensitive to the sun than usual, you need to mention it to your dermatologist. This is a very common symptom of lupus, which needs regular treatment to keep it from interfering in your life.


Anytime You’re Tempted to Self-Diagnose, Stop and Call

Your skin covers your entire body and it makes sense to take really good care of it, right? If you’re ever tempted to diagnose your own skin problems, take a deep breath and stop. Many times this can lead to an issue that gets worse so it’s better to have a professional look at it to rule out anything that is dangerous or life threatening.

How often do you see your dermatologist?

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