How to Keep Your Summer Glow Well into Fall ...

By Andrea

How to Keep Your Summer Glow Well into Fall ...

It's almost fall and we're all wondering how to keep your summer glow into the cold weather months.The way the sun hits your cheeks, flushing them ever so slightly as it bronzes your skin, and the soft, slightly humid air gives everything a natural shimmer – maybe we idealize the way we look in summer just a little bit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try for that idealized look all year long. Summer is (sadly!) coming to a close, and before long the sky will start to grey, but with a few choice tips you won’t have to look as drab as the weather. So, here's how to keep your summer glow even when summer is over.

1 Regular Maintenance

hair, blond, human hair color, long hair, hairstyle, With a combination of regular care and maintenance, knowing your features, as well as choosing the right products – that is, good quality products suited to your skin type – you’ll be able to effortlessly carry that summer glow throughout fall and even winter. Keep reading for a few key products and pointers you can employ to get you started. With these tips and tricks, learning how to keep your summer glow will be easier than ever.

2 Use Bronzer or Self Tanner

eyebrow, beauty, chin, black hair, forehead, For your skin, you’re going to want a bronzer or self tanner that looks natural and fits your skin type. Do you have oily skin or combination skin? Look for a powder bronzer, one that doesn’t streak or cake and that you can easily buff into your skin. If you have dry skin, try a bronzing body lotion to hydrate your skin as you rock that beach look. It could be the dead of winter, and you could simply be snuggling up to a warm cup of cocoa, but with the right bronzer you’ll look like you just stepped on a boat bound for the Greek islands.

3 Use Sea Water

human hair color, beauty, fashion model, shoulder, model, And where there’s a Mediterranean island, there’s seawater – that beautiful concoction of nature that not only houses a plethora of marine life, but also makes our hair look amazing! You might not have a sea available to you that you can dunk your head in, but there are sea salt mists out there that will help you keep the summer glow on your skin and in your hair.

4 Use Primer Every Day

eyebrow, lip, beauty, cheek, forehead, Next, you’ll want to turn your attention to your face. Use a good quality primer of your choosing to fill in the pores before you start in with the foundation. The key to a summer glow, after all, is restraint, and you don’t want to have to pile on the foundation. You’re ready, then, to contour your cheeks and do your lips, and, again, less is more – try a product that kills two birds with one stone, like a cream blush and lip color in one.

5 Care for Your Skin

eyebrow, lip, human hair color, beauty, chin, And, as always, take good care of your skin! Use a cleansing oil or water every night to remove any makeup and impurities and keep your face looking bright, balanced and toned. Treat yourself to a face mask every once and a while as well – you’re worth it. It doesn't have to be summer to pamper your skin.

It’s sad to think that the summer is coming to a close, but just remember, while you soak in the last of the summer sunshine, and while you enjoy the sweet air and long swims, when fall rolls around you’ll be just fine. You might have to wear a few more layers, but hey, picking out a fall wardrobe can be pretty fun as well! And your summer glow will get you through until the weather gets warm again.

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