The Proper Order to Apply Your Skincare Products for Great Skin ...


The Proper Order to Apply Your Skincare Products for Great Skin ...
The Proper Order to Apply Your Skincare Products for Great Skin ...

There's an order to apply your skincare products that you should pay attention to. Perfecting a skincare routine for the early mornings or late evenings can sometimes be really difficult, mostly because you are either dreaming of still being in your bed or dreaming of getting in to it! It can also be very complicated because you have more than a handful of products to apply and the only way that they will give you the results you are trying to achieve is to put them on in a very special and specific order. This is because each product is designed to do a specific job, making your skin react in a certain way or providing you skin with something it needs. Apply them in the wrong order and they may not be as effective as they could be. The is the optimum order to apply your skincare products for the best results.

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Makeup Remover

The first product in you need in the right order to apply your skincare products is makeup remover. Even if you think your face is clean, there will most likely be some leftover product on your face that will only serve to disrupt the effects of the skincare ingredients. Using remover to start with means that every other product will be absorbed into your skin more efficiently.



The next step is to wash your face with a good cleanser. This will help to remove all of the dirt and oil that may be present on your skin. It clears out the pores to prevent any unwanted breakouts, without drying out the skin. This is a particularly important step for those who suffer from acne on a regular basis.



Toner is important to use at this point because experts believe that it can rebalance the skin after cleansing if you are somebody whose skin is particularly sensitive in that way. If you are going to exfoliate (once a week), do that instead of applying toner.


Face Mask

If you have the time to be a little fancy, this is the perfect point in the routine to indulge in a great face mask. You only need to do this once a week, but a good moisturising skin mask on a freshly cleansed and toned face is heavenly!


Face Mist

Go for a little spritz of face mist if your skin is prone to being dry and needs a little extra hydration. Mists can also be used throughout the day for a quick refresh.


Eye Cream

You might think you are too young for eye cream, but the earlier you start, the better you will look when age finally does start to mean something! Any kind of moisturising eye cream is great.



A great quality moisturiser is the key to having good skin all year round. Preferably one with an SPF factor included because the sun is one of the biggest enemies of long term healthy skin! It’s okay to skip this step if you already have acne prone or oily skin, although your skin still needs hydration, so I it's best to use a very light moisturizer, no matter what.

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