Skincare Tips to Show Your Neck Love for Girls Neglecting below the Face ...


Skincare Tips to Show Your Neck Love for Girls Neglecting below the Face ...
Skincare Tips to Show Your Neck Love for Girls Neglecting below the Face ...

If you're anything like me, you're looking for skincare tips for your neck. When it comes to advice and guidance in the world of health and beauty, there isn’t much that hasn’t been covered a million times on a million different websites. We all know how to take care of our pores, how to get the shiniest hair, how to get the fullest natural lips and how to achieve the perfect smoky eye, but there is one topic that doesn’t seem to get as much exposure as the others, and that is skincare related to your neck. Your neck is a part of your body that is exposed most of the time, so it makes sense that there should be more health and beauty advice for how to take care of it properly! Well look no further, here are some of the best skincare tips for your neck.

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Neck Skin is Thinner

You might not realise it, but the skin on your neck is much thinner than the skin on your face, which makes skincare in the area even more important. It doesn’t have as much collagen support as your face, therefore sun damage can be worse, so make sure that you put just as much sunscreen on your neck as you do on your cheeks and forehead on sunny days. That's one of my best skincare tips for your neck.


Scarves Don’t Help

Even though scarves are a popular winter fashion trend, the materials that they are made from can really work to dry out the skin on your neck. We’re not saying that you should throw away your seasonal favourite accessory, but just make sure to give your neck a little extra moisturising product when you are wearing one every day.


You Need to Cleanse

Did you know that you should be cleansing your neck area in exactly the same way that you cleanse your face? A double cleanse is even recommended if you are the kind of person who likes to blend your foundation further down your neck. Don’t rub and pull at your neck, but rather use gentle upward movements for this kind of thing.


Avoid Scrubs

Scrubs can feel great on your face, but they’re not so good for your neck. Neck skin is much more sensitive, and an aggressive exfoliant treatment might cause an irritation or reaction. Avoid the more robust scrubs for this area, and instead, opt for something like a glycolic treatment once a week.


Be Careful with Perfume

Putting too much perfume on your neck can actually encourage discolouration of the skin and make it much more sensitive to the sun. Instead of applying liberally to the open neck area, a quick spritz of fragrance behind the ears is a great compromise.


Ice Cold Water!

Embracing ice cold water with a quick plunge into the sink can have almost a temporary anti-aging effect on your neck area. The skin will become taut, thanks to the shock of the cold, much quicker than a face mask and much cheaper too!

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