Life Changing 😱 Ways on How to Get Rid 🚫 of Acne πŸ™ˆ in Only a Week πŸ“† ...

Wondering how to get rid of acne in a week? We all suffer from acne breakouts and it may take a while to get rid of them. Although acne appears on our skin, there are effective ways to get rid of it while maintaining a budget. These tips are natural and will help you see results within a week. Here's how to get rid of acne in a week.

1. Change Your Diet

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Certain foods such as dairy, chocolate and carbs, can trigger acne outbreaks and can make your skin even worse. Commit to a well-balanced diet and include foods such as veggies and fruits. Greasy foods such as fast food can cause acne as well because the oil sticks to the skin and clogs your pores. It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins in your body. A healthy diet is one of the best answers for how to get rid of acne in a week.

2. Don’t Pick Your Pimples

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I know it may be tempting, but picking your pimples will cause inflammation to your skin or bleeding. This will require more time to heal and will lead to scarring and infections.

3. Use Oil-Free Products

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Oil-free products help prevent clogged pores and helps your skin to breathe. Also, try to wear oil-free makeup and make sure you wash it off completely at the end of the day. Often times, hair products can cause acne as well because they tend to be very heavy and oily. Instead, look for natural and organic brands to use on your hair.

4. Use Natural Skin Care Products

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Try to invest in natural products such as aloe vera or African black soap. Aloe vera is great for the skin because it moisturizes and helps fight acne. African black soap is a powerful soap that has many benefits. It hydrates and balances your skin to give you an even complexion.

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