5 Basics to Help You Achieve Healthy Skin ...


5 Basics to Help You Achieve  Healthy Skin ...
5 Basics to Help You Achieve  Healthy Skin ...

Knowing the basics of healthy skin is important for any woman. Clear and healthy skin is something we all strive for because when our skin looks its best, our makeup will look exceptionally flawless! Some people are blessed to have naturally flawless, healthy skin (insert rolling eyes emoji), while others like myself, struggle daily to get their skin on the right track. I recently have noticed a drastic change in my acne prone skin once I started consistently using these basics of healthy skin.

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Drink More Water

You're supposed to consume a gallon of water a day even though doing so would mean you're running to that bathroom at least 50 times in a day. However, it is vital to try to drink as much water as possible daily to keep your skin clear and healthy. Water is such a great nutrient for our bodies because it also boosts our immune system, promotes weight-loss, and increases our energy, just to name a few. Drinking more water is one of the most important basics of healthy skin.


Eat Better

Most, if not all of us, are guilty of over-indulging in unhealthy foods that taste amazing but are beyond terrible for our health. Eating large amounts of sugar and high-glycemic foods can be a leading cause of developing skin problems. Putting a ton of unhealthy foods in the body can cause excess oil production in the face that leads to clogged pores and then leads to breakouts. So basically, eat more spinach and less Talenti.



Everyone knows that exercise is vital to keeping the body healthy and in shape, but it still can be annoying to do. Exercising often can help assist in keeping your skin healthy. When we sweat while exercising, our pores are open and the toxins in our skin get purged. It's also vital to note that sweat can cause breakouts if one does not thoroughly cleanse their skin after working out, so always make sure to wash your face immediately after putting in that work at the gym.


Develop a Skincare Regimen

Maintaining a skincare regimen plays a MAJOR part in getting healthy skin. Washing your face morning and night is just as important as brushing your teeth morning and night. Using deep cleansers that purge the skin of toxins and facial masks that help calm skin irritation and even your skin tone, are two methods that will help your skin look and feel its best. I use this bomb lemon honey scrub and facial wash from a skincare brand called Kreamie's Collection that has worked wonders on my skin.


Stop Touching Your Face

Most people don't realize how much they touch their face but if you are one that does this, STOP! When you excessively touch your face or let someone else touch your face (if you are over the age of 12, no one should be touching your face anyway), the unseen bacteria and dirt on your hands easily transfers to your face, causing breakouts. For example, touching a doorknob and then touching your face is a NO NO! The bacteria that was on the doorknob just transferred to your skin. Be more cautious and mindful of touching your face with unclean hands.

Now, I'm not saying doing these tips will guarantee you'll have naturally flawless skin in a week but, if you remain consistent with doing them, your skin will definitely show improvements.

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