5 Awesome Video Tutorials to Watch for Skincare Basics ...


5 Awesome Video Tutorials to Watch for Skincare Basics ...
5 Awesome Video Tutorials to Watch for Skincare Basics ...

Need some video tutorials of skincare basics? When it comes to skincare, it would be fair to say that until you have mastered the ultimate basics, you are never going to be able to move on to any of the more complicated or enhanced treatments with great confidence. Skincare is a tricky thing to be taught, because there are so many different skin types, and what works for you might not work for somebody else. However, there are a few golden rules, if you will, that build the foundations for anything to do with skincare. Luckily for you, I have put together a playlist of videos that will help you to learn how to master these skincare basics. Once you know these, you will be able to go on to experiment with so much more! So, here are the best video tutorials of skincare basics.

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Korean Routine

It might be a slight generalisation, but Koreans have long been regarded for their sensational skin, so it might make sense that you should be clued into a classic Korean skincare routine! From K-Pop to skincare, Korea is really making its mark on the worldwide culture of late! This popular video takes you through all of the basics, even if it does contain a lot of different products, there are definitely valuable things to learn. That's why it tops the list of video tutorials of skincare basics.


Acne Treatment

Acne is something that affects a huge portion of both teens and adults, and it can be really distressing when you can’t seem to do anything about it. YouTuber Cassandra Bankson become a viral sensation after she shared her own honest experience with acne, and has since become an online expert for all things related to cystic, chronic, digestive and hormonal acne. Take a look!


Dark Circles

Some people are naturally plagued with dark circles under their eyes, and some people suffer from them due to lifestyle reasons, like lack of regular sleeping pattern. Whatever your personal problem might be, Deepica Mutyala has put together a brilliant video that uses none other than red lipstick to conceal those pesky dark marks! Yes, that’s right, we said red lipstick!



Lots of people out there cite their number one skin concern as being the fact that their skin is just totally dull, looking like it has no real life in it. No need to worry about this anymore, as Essie Michelle has you covered! She shows you how to whip up a serious amount of glow by creating a homemade apple cider vinegar based toner. It’s a seven-day process that gets great results.


Large Pores

Large pores are something that can really get you down, especially if they are super visible and continue to become infected because of their size. Jackie Aina is a YouTuber who has gained over 1.7 million views for her in-depth look at how to make big pores appear smaller. She teaches you some valuable tips and tricks, as well as showing you all of the products that she personally relies on to deal with pesky pores.

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