Fab Tips to Better Prep Your Skin for Winter ...


Fab Tips to Better Prep Your Skin for Winter ...
Fab Tips to Better Prep Your Skin for Winter ...

Most girls at this time of year are just looking for tips for how to prepare your skin for winter. It would be fair to say that out of all the months, winter is the most exciting to be a part of. You’ve got Christmas and all the seasonal delights that come along with. You’ve got New Year's celebrations to enjoy with your friends, and you’ve also got the opportunity to showcase your fantastic talent for layered and cold weather fashion! However, while all of these things are great, the one thing that winter isn’t very kind to us about is our skin. There is something about the cold, crisp, mostly dry conditions that can really have an impact on your skin, so take a look through this helpful list of tips for how to prepare your skin for winter.

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Stock up on Creams

Believe it or not, your skin actually needs more care and attention in the winter than it does when facing the glaring sun’s rays in summer. Windy, freezing, severe weather conditions can really wreak havoc on your exposed skin in the cold, so make sure that you stock on some of your favourite creams to get through the season. Winter creams tends to contain more fatty ingredients in order to be able to replenish and smooth out the winter roughness, which is why this is one of the most important tips for how to prepare your skin for winter.


Daily Sunscreen

Just because it’s not hot outside doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t a danger. The sky can be super clear on a crisp winter’s day, and because of this, you need to make sure that you are wearing at least an SPF 15 product if you are going to be outside for an extended period of time.



When it comes to the skin on your hands, the best thing you can do to protect them from the winter is to wear gloves. Keeping them nice and warm will help to prevent redness, roughness and even frostbite in extreme cases.


Short Showers

It can be tempting to jump in the shower when it’s cold outside to give yourself a nice warm rush, but be careful of spending too much time in a hot steamy shower because the water can work to remove the upper protective layer of skin, which then makes you more vulnerable to irritation.



I’ve already talked about how cold, frosty weather can dry out your skin in a major way, so the best way to get on top of that is to make sure that you maintain a regular moisturising regime throughout the winter. This applies, not only to your face but also your hands, as they are the body parts that are most exposed to the elements.


Consider Your Diet

The state of your skin is often a reflection of your overall health, and this can show even more so in the winter. If your skin is feeling flaky and looking sallow, you might want to think about adding more vegetables, fish and healthy fats to your diet.


Stay Hydrated

We tend to drink less in the winter because the sun isn’t out and making us crave liquids, but staying hydrated is just as important during the cold months because our bodies still need the appropriate amount of water in order to function properly, and that includes the skin.



All of your creams and moisturizers will be rendered pretty much useless unless you also use some kind of exfoliating scrub to get to the deeper areas and remove the debris that accumulates. These scrubbing products can also improve your complexion and boost blood flow in those areas.

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