4 Tips to Keep Your Skin Baby Soft ...


4 Tips to Keep Your Skin Baby Soft ...
4 Tips to Keep Your Skin Baby Soft ...

Looking for ways to keep your skin baby soft? Having rough dry skin is a no-no, but having smooth and soft skin is a yes-yes! I know all women want to make sure they keep up with their skincare routine so that it will keep them looking flawless. I am here to give you a list of what makes your skin stay looking smooth and healthy. It’s actually quite simple. It stems from hydration, exfoliation, moisturizing and having a refreshing shower routine. So let’s get started on the best ways to keep your skin baby soft.

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Hydration is the key to life itself and one of the easiest ways to keep your skin baby soft! We all know water can be bland, tasteless and boring, but it is important to your body, both internally and externally. Alcohol, soda and highly concentrated sugary juices may be extremely tempting, but what usually happens when you consume these things? You get acne! Sugary drinks and caffeine can sometimes cause breakouts, and when you get those breakouts, you may be tempted to pick at the blemishes, which leads to scarring and a whole lot of other gooky, unpleasant marks. In order to prevent acne, scars or bumpy skin, try to improve your H2O intake. If you have a hard time drinking water because of the blandness, try adding fruits and veggies to it. The idea of adding fruits and veggies also acts as a detox that may help flush out bad toxins from your body! No one is perfect and we all have plenty of cheat days, but always remember that drinking water is a must for smooth silky skin.



Exfoliation is probably the most important step to getting smooth skin. Exfoliating helps to get rid of the dead skin cells on your body leaving you with a nice smooth finish. When you don’t exfoliate, you are allowing dead skin cells to sit on our skin which eventually leads to dry and itchy skin and clogged pores. When I was younger I wasn’t very familiar with exfoliating. I thought a simple shower and lotion would do the trick, until I realized how much softer my skin was after giving it a try. After coming to the conclusion of needing to exfoliate often, I immediately went to my local beauty supply store to by a sugar scrub. Exfoliating twice a week should do the trick! Try not to exfoliate any more than 3 to 4 days a week because it can strip and dry out your skin.



To be completely honest with you all, I can be pretty lazy when it comes to moisturizing. Sometimes after a nice long hot and steamy shower, I just want to slip my clothes on and go. I don’t like the thought of taking an extra 5 minutes out of my day to moisturize my body. Can you say impatient? I learned the hard way that not moisturizing is a bad idea during the summer when I noticed my legs didn’t glow like I wanted them to. Instead of being lazy, I decided to pick out a body butter to put on my skin. After using it, I noticed it had improved my skin immensely. I find butters to be a little more hydrating for the skin, but I also know that there are people that use regular lotions and creams to help keep them moisturized, which is perfectly fine. Make sure you get what works best for you!


Create the Perfect Shower Routine

Having a refreshing shower routine is essential to having beautiful skin. When you shower, you are removing unwanted bacteria, dirt and germs from your body. The worst thing you could do is go to sleep while having dirt still piled on your skin from the day. This can lead to break outs and a build up of oil, which can lead to breakouts. If you take a shower a night, your pores will be able to breathe and nothing beats going to bed after taking a nice refreshing shower. Not cleaning your body defeats the whole purpose of getting radiant skin. It doesn’t matter what you use, whether it be a washcloth, loofah or sponge, getting your body nice and clean, exfoliating and then stepping out to moisturize is what strengthens your skin and makes it look and feel beautiful.

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