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8 Incredibly Unique Ways for Girls to Kick Cellulite ...

By Lisa

Are you ready to try out some different yet effective ways to fight cellulite? No matter your body shape, age or weight, cellulite can show up. So, if you’re tired of spending money on expensive creams and treatments, try out of some of these simple remedies that have been known to actually work! Read on for 8 unique ways to fight cellulite and get ready for shorts and swimsuits!

1 Ditch Salt and Sugar

color, flower, food, fashion accessory, finger, One of the best ways to fight cellulite is to watch what you eat. Sugar and salt both make existing cellulite more noticeable. Sugar gets stored in fat cells and actually causes them to expand. Salt, as we know, causes us to retain fluids, which can make cellulite look worse. Keep your daily sugar and salt intake in check so your diet doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin!

2 Roll out

clothing, active undergarment, underpants, muscle, thigh, Another easy cellulite treatment that you can try at home is to use a foam roller. I’ve seen foam rollers in the past but never knew how to use them. Now I know it’s another tool in my cellulite-reducing arsenal that I can use to help keep blood flowing and break up fatty tissue. Grab a foam roller and move/massage the affected areas for 20 minutes several times a week.

3 Caffeine Scrub

coffee cup, cup, drink, organ, caffeine, You’ve probably heard of this simple cellulite treatment before. You use old coffee grounds with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and massage it into your body. This simple treatment will help exfoliate and soften your skin as well as help your skin look less dimpled. Many anti-cellulite treatments contain caffeine as the main ingredient so here’s a budget-friendly version that you can easily make at home!

4 Dry Brush

mason jar, lighting, If you haven’t picked a dry brush yet, now would be a great time! Aside from the skin softening and toning benefits, dry brushing can help banish cellulite! Grab a jar of coconut oil and rub some on the affected area. Next, take a dry brush and gently massage the area where you applied the coconut oil. You can find a dry brush at health food stores and online.

5 Juniper and Olives

clothing, image, boat, vacation, leg, Here’s another way to fight cellulite that will also soften and soothe your skin. Take equal amounts of juniper and olive oil and combine. Massage the oils into the affected areas. You’ll first notice that your skin will be a lot smoother and in the following weeks you’ll notice a difference in the appearance of your skin also!

6 Eat Flaxseeds

swimwear, clothing, image, sun tanning, beauty, It seems like we find flaxseeds in so many foods and products nowadays! Flaxseeds are a prime food for fighting cellulite because they help boost collagen, which strengthens your skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Enjoy a couple of tablespoons of flaxseeds daily on yogurt, smoothies and salads to help strengthen and smooth your skin from within!

7 Spicy and Sour

clothing, swimwear, supermodel, muscle, sun tanning, This next anti-cellulite concoction might sound like punishment but it can really help improve the look of your skin. Combine the juice of one lemon with a pinch of cayenne pepper and mix it with a glass of water. Drink this spicy and sour drink up to three times daily and you should see a difference in your skin in a few weeks.

8 Apple Cider Vinegar

clothing, undergarment, lingerie, active undergarment, swimwear, Is there anything ACV isn’t good for?! Apple Cider Vinegar is another way to fight cellulite and even help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. There are two ways to use ACV, you can either rub it directly onto your skin and massage or mix a couple of tablespoons into an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it daily.

There are lots of different ways you can fight cellulite and help improve the appearance of your skin. While these recipes are fairly easy to make, they do take time to work so don’t give up! Try each treatment for at least 3-4 weeks before you move on to another one. Natural treatments can be effective; they just take a little more time to work. How do you deal with cellulite?

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