Great Ways to Keep Your Lips Soft and Smooth All the Time ...


Great Ways to Keep Your Lips Soft and Smooth All the Time  ...
Great Ways to Keep Your Lips Soft and Smooth All the Time  ...

Have you ever noticed that some women have naturally gorgeous lips? They look soft and smooth not to mention they’re usually full and plump, too. There’re some tricks to keeping your lips lovely now and in years to come. With these tips, you’ll have lips so luscious that others will be begging for your secrets!

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Don’t Smoke

Smoking is not your friend, ladies. Besides being horribly unhealthy, it’s terrible for your skin and your lips. Have you ever noticed the lips of women who’ve smoked for years? They’re wrinkled and can’t hold lipstick in place which is another bummer. Staying away from smoking is a good decision for your lips and your entire body.



Lips can have dry, flaky skin that looks and feels badly. This’s something that happens more often in the fall and winter. Exfoliating your lips will get rid of the flaky skin and leave them smooth again. You can exfoliate your lips by rubbing a wet washcloth or toothbrush across them gently. There’re also special products that’re designed for the purpose of exfoliating your lips. Try the lip exfoliator by E.L.F., which is a steal at $3.


Protect Them from the Sun

Lips need sun protection, too. This’s very easy to forget. We slather ourselves up with sunscreen religiously but usually neglect our lips. This’s important year round but especially in the summertime when we spend more time outdoors. Choose a lip product with SPF included such as Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15. It comes in a variety of gorgeous colors.


Protect Them against the Elements

The cold, dry air of fall and winter is not ideal for our lips. It makes them more prone to chapping, splitting and other lip issues. We’ve all experienced the effects of cold weather on our lips. Protect them by always applying a lip balm before venturing out. Tuck one in your coat pocket or lay one by your keys to remind you to use it.


Choose Moisturizing Lipstick, Glosses and Balms

Sometimes your lips aren’t soft and smooth because of the lip products you’re using. Some lip products can actually make your lips worse in terms of dryness. Try to avoid lip products that promise long lasting or all day color as they’re some of the most drying products. Look for lip products that promise to moisturize your lips. Also, pay close attention to the feel of your lip products on your lips; you can usually tell how well a product is moisturizing them.


Apply a Moisturizing Product before Applying Lipstick

If you’re going to wear a lipstick that you know is drying, apply a moisturizing product first. This can help protect your lips from the drying effect of the lipstick. A simple Chapstick can work wonders. Just give your lips a light coat of Chapstick or your favorite moisturizing lip balm and you’re all set for lipstick application. This’ll also make your lips appear fuller since the lipstick isn’t sinking into the crevices bare lips have.


Don’t Bite Your Lips

I know biting your lips can be tempting but it’s a bad habit. Usually you’ll catch yourself doing this when your lips are dry and flaky. When you notice this’s an issue, exfoliate them or immediately put on a nourishing lip balm or lip treatment. Keeping a lip balm close by to grab when you first start noticing your lips are dry is a good idea, too.

These’re 7 tips to help keep your lips soft and smooth. What’s your favorite lip product? I love hearing your recommendations!

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I use Vaseline!! Every morning and every night I put a little on my lips, and it works so well!! I can't go without it now!

You can mix sugar and petroleum jelly together for a nice lip scrub. Simple but effect! :)

Great tips

Thanks for the tips

Also a thing that really works for me is CARMEX

Sugar and coconut oil rubbed on your lips make them super soft👄

Also u must drink lots of water and use lip balms

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